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Thomas HAWKINS & Susannah WOOD


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Marriage 3375/1869 HAWKINS THOMAS - WOOD SUSANNAH - RICHMOND * 4 Nov 1869

Sydney Mail (NSW) - Sat 13 Nov 1869 p.9
HAWKINS - WOOD.-November 4th, at Yarrow-Monday, Richmond, by the Rev. James Coutts, Mr. Thomas Hawkins, eldest surviving son of the late Mr. Thomas Hawkins, Roxburghshire, Scotland, to Miss Susannah Wood, youngest daughter of the late Mr. George Pitt Wood, of North Richmond.

Birth 19988/1882 HAWKINS HAROLD P - THOMAS - SUSANNAH - INVERELL * 10 Aug 1882

HAWKINS Harold Perdriau, Schulby, farmer
HAWKINS Mary May, Schulby, domestic duties




Birth 4525/1883 PERDRIAN MALCOLM H - HAROLD - REBECCA - BALMAIN * 19 Aug 1883

The Sydney Morning Herald - Thu 6 Sep 1883 p.13
PERDRIAU-Aug. 19, Balmain, Mrs. H. Perdriau, son.


The Sydney Morning Herald - Mon 28 Feb 1887 p.1
PERDRIAU.-February 26, at Portland, Croydon, Malcolm Hawkins, fourth son of Harold and Rebecca Perdriau, of Balmain.

Presbyterian 2B 0005675 PERDRIAU MALCOLM H. 27 Feb 1887
MALCOLM H. PERDRIAU Age 3 - 27/02/1887 Zone A Presbyterian 02B 5675

Rebecca's maiden name is MOORE and her mother's maiden name DRAKE.

No, Raleigh yet :biggrin:
Trying to work out why one family has Perdriau as a middle name and the other family Hawkins.

I know of no connection between the families.

Perdriau family
1600s France to New York
1700s St. Kitts Leeward Is
Late 1700s & early 1800s Royal Navy - Southwark
Late 1800s Balmain, NSW

Baptist Births Registered in the County of Cumberland 1851
Harrold Perdriau - Henry & Eliza Perdriau Abode: Balmain Quality or Profession: Proprietor When Born: March 7th 1851 When Registered: April 2nd 1851 By whom Registered: John Ham
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WOOD George Pitt Death notice 28SEP1853 Death 51 late of North Richmond Sydney Morning Herald 29SEP1853

A burial I can't look up being a volume past 123.

V18531217 157/1853 WOOD GEORGE P AGE 50


The Sydney Morning Herald - Thu 9 Mar 1911 p.8
HAWKINS.-March 4, 1911, at his residence, Eastview, Inverell, Thomas Hawkins, aged 68 years.

I can't find a Thomas the right age in Roxburghshire in 1851.

Can't find the arrival.

Bap V1842591 45A/1842 HAWKINS THOMAS - THOMAS - MARY A

Only a baptism in NSW for one child??

The marriage and Mary's maiden name?

Deaths for Thomas senior and Mary??
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I have nothing in my tree after this for Mary Ann.

Mary Ann b. 8 Feb 1808
c. 3 Mar 1808 St. John's Portsea, Hampshire
Stephen Perdrian & Maria
Batch: C063151
... eldest surviving son of the late Mr. Thomas Hawkins, Roxburghshire ...

I can only find the one baptism in NSW so when was the marriage and where were the other children born?

Did Thomas senior and Mary Ann leave NSW?

The 1842 baptism was Presbyterian. I will try to look that up on Wednesday.
for Stephen Perdrian & Maria - found some discussion on A.. forums which has:

Stephen (V) was born on St Kitts in 1768 and died in London in 1820 while still in the RN attached to HM Semaphore Station at Southwark. His father Stephen (VI) was born on St Kitts in 1731 and died there in 1801. He married Margretta LANGLEY on St Kitts in 1766.
It is easy now to see how Stephen was able to enter the RN aged 12 on 12 Aug 1780 as Captain's servant on HMS 'Venus' in WI Squadron of Admiral Sir George Brydges Rodney (a family friend). One PERDRIAU was even named after the Admiral.
Stephen served on HMS 'Boreas' and then HMS 'Endymion'. Later on 2 May 1785 was captain's servant when NELSON took command of HMS 'Boreas'.
[There is a probably gap here in his service]
Navy List of May 1808 has him as Perdrieau S. a Lieutenant [promoted 1796]

1801 HMS 'Alkmar'
30 Sep 1803 HMS 'Pylades'
16 Dec 1804 HMS 'Scout'
8 Mar 1805 HMS 'Royal William'
1808 HMS 'Hardy'
later 1808 no longer in command of HMS 'Hardy'.

In 1817 he relinquished command of HMS 'Waldemar' and was appointed to HM Semaphore Station West Square, St Georges Southwark.

I don't know when he was promoted to Commander. He married Maria ROWE daughter of Dr George ROWE a Surgeon in the RN on 23 Jul 1802 St Mary's Portsea. Maria's sister Mary Ann married Dr Henry CARTER.

Stephen & Maria's three youngest sons trained as captains for the Merchant Service.
George Augustus entered the Blue Coat School (Christ's Hospital) in 1821 and Joseph Packwood in 1824. Youngest son Henry Carter was born on 5 Nov 1817 Southwark and baptised 13 Oct 1826 at St John the Evangelist Lambeth.
He was living with his sister Catherine. He was admitted to the Lower School at Westminster Rd Lambeth on 4 Dec 1826 and to the Upper School for Officers on 10 Apr 1828. The Greenwich Royal Hospital School became the Royal Naval College in 1873.
Henry arrived in Australia in 1837 where he died in 1892 after a long career as a steamboat proprietor at Balmain.
This little snippet from the London Times explains, it also appears to add more to the confusion surrounding his “promotion” to Commander:

The Times, Thursday, Jan 27, 1820; pg. 1; Issue 10839; col A
“Category: Classified Advertising
VERY PECULIER DISTRESS.- The WIDOW of Lieutenant STEPHEN PERDRIEU, R. N., No. 36, Telegraph West-square, a gentleman who stood high in the estimation of his superiors both as a good man and zealous officer, with nine small children, the youngest not exceeding seven months; this distressed family excites the pity of neighbourhood, their loss is lamentable, their circumstances most afflicting; their father lying a corps, the three youngest children almost at death’s door from the effect of hooping-cough, and without the common necessaries of life, dependent upon kind friends for daily support and also for clothes. Any aid from the humane will be thankfully and gratefully acknowledged, and it proposed to place whatever sum is raised in the hands of a committee for the relief of the family; references in the immediate neighbourhood; and of the committee; at 37 West square, next door to the deceased, will satisfy any enquiries as to the authenticity of the above. Subscriptions will be received by Mr, Sholl, 37, West square, and 7 Clement’s-inn, Strand; Mr, Bonner, 86, Fleet street; Mr, Webb, Salisbury Street, Strand; Mr, Egerton, book-seller, Whitehall; and Messrs, Hodsell and Stirling, bankers, 345, Strand.
Officers of the Navy at Bath, by Admiral Fahte, [prior to his death] £12-10-0
Anonymous, by ditto 1-1-0
Captain Packwood, R.N. [since his death] £5-5-0
Subscribed by friends 4-10-0
Lieut Grant Allen R. N. 2-0-0
N.B. The unfortunate officer was native of St. Kitts, and without a relative in this country.”

He married Maria ROWE on 23 Jul 1802 St Mary's Portsea, Hampshire.
Children all born in Portsea:
Catherine b. 16 Jun 1804
Charlotte b. 18 Jan 1806
Mary Ann b. 8 Feb 1808
William John c. 5 Jan 1810
Stephen c. 1 Feb 1811
Louisa b. 6 Nov 1812
George Augustus c. 7 Oct 1814
Joseph Packwood c. 5 Apr 1816
Henry Carter b. 5 Nov 1817 – 1892 NSW – and his son - http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/perdriau-stephen-edward-8504

regards Val
Thanks Val.

Henry Carter is said to be the only one to come to Australia but the connection between Perdriau and Hawkins I think must be Mary Ann.

Too hot to leave the house today with forecast 38 C. I'll try to check the 1842 baptism tomorrow and hope it has Mary Ann's maiden name.

This makes it even more puzzling.

Bap V1842591 45A/1842 HAWKINS THOMAS - THOMAS - MARY A

Page -
Presbyterian Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of - in the County of - in the Year 1842
No. - When Baptised: 13th Octr. 1842 When Born: 2nd Octr. 1842 Thomas - Thomas Hawkins & Mary Ann Gregg Abode: Sydney Quality or Profession: Private H. M. 99th. Regt. By whom the Ceremony was performed: J. D. Lang Minr.

What can be found for Mary Ann GREGG? * Image has Gregg but I'd include Greig.

1st / 99th Foot (Lanarkshire) Regiment of Foot 1843 - 1856
1842 saw the 99th Regiment leave Chatham for Tasmania and arrived in Sydney 1843. ??

Five vessels are listed as bringing soldiers of 99th to Sydney in 1842 (the earliest possible year) yet none of them are on the list of convict vessels. ??

Nothing is fitting.

What can be found for Thomas senior re his army service?


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The following vessels are on the list as having transported soldiers of the 99th in 1842.

Candahar * convicts to Hobart July 1842 - to Sydney ?
Eden * can't find anything ?
Isabella Watson * Dublin - convicts to Hobart Aug 1842 - to Sydney ?
John Brewer * can't find anything ?
North Briton * to Hobart ?
Richard Webb * Dublin - convicts ??
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Children Born to Female Convicts Under Sentence
Mary Ann GREGG Mary Ann Female 16 December 1854 Hobart Colonial Hospital

I have no idea what is going on.
12x Thomas Hawkins on Tasmanian Pioneer Families including

Gender: Male
Marriage/Relationship: 1850 - HOBART,Tasmania ( GREGG, MARY ANN ) [@]


How many Mary Ann GREGG are there? Probably one.

What do we have? Thomas born Scotland who joined the 99th, sent to VDL on a convict vessel as a guard ?? married a convict ??

One baptism in NSW but no others ?? No death for either in NSW ??
Thanks Val.

2x Mary Ann GREGG.

Apart from the birth in Hobart we have little else on the one in Tasmania.

Children Born to Female Convicts Under Sentence
Mary Ann GREGG Mary Ann Female 16 December 1854 Hobart Colonial Hospital

No Mary GREGG on the transportation database to VDL or on the list of convicts. Or Greig or Greg or Greeg.

TOL in 1838 so she can't still be under sentence in Hobart in 1854.

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Candahar * convicts to Hobart July 1842
Eden *
Isabella Watson * Dublin - convicts to Hobart Aug 1842
John Brewer *
North Briton * to Hobart ?
Richard Webb * Dublin - convicts ??

Eden (2)
Second voyage
Male convicts on board
Departure Port: Woolwich Departure Date: 22 Mar 1842
Arrival Port: Hobart Arrival Date: 05 / 06 Jul 1842

Isabella Watson
One voyage only
Male convicts on board
Departure Port: London / Kingstown / Dublin Departure Date: 01 / 02 May 1842
Arrival Port: Hobart Arrival Date: 03 Aug 1842

John Brewer
One voyage only
Male convicts on board
Departure Port: London / Sheerness Departure Date: 05 Dec 1841
Arrival Port: Hobart Arrival Date: 06 Apr 1842
Convicts landed: 198
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GREIG / GRIGG / CRAIG Mary m. 1842 to pardoned convict Benjamin Barratt/Barrett, District of Oatlands, father Alexander Greig from Aberdeen SCT
anything in this to help ??

Sydney Monitor & Commercial Advertiser Wed 5 Dec 1838 – Superintendent of Convicts Office Sydney 26 November 1838 – The undermentioned Female Prisoners of the ? ? have obtained Tickets-of-Leave since the last publication – County of Bathurst- Ann Gregg.

Sydney Gazette Sat 20 Aug 1836 has John Gregg convicted of highway robbery in Penrith – same paper Sat 3 Sept 1836

EXECUTION.—John Gregg, convicted during the last Criminal Sessions of bushranging and robbery under aggravated circumstances, underwent the extreme penalty of the law yesterday morning. He was attended by the Rev. Mr. Cowper, and seemed to feel deeply his awful situation.

James Budge’s will in NSW Gov Gazette Fri 20 July 1883 – he died 5 July 1883

and wife Mary..
Bathurst Free Press & Mining Journal Sat 21 May 1887
THE Friends of the late Mrs. MARY ANN BUDGE, relict of the late James Budge, are respectfully invited to attend her Funeral, which is appointed to move from the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. J. W. Ashworth, Havannah-street, THIS-DAY (SATURDAY) AFTERNOON, at Three (3) o'clock, and proceed to Trinity Church Cemetery, Kelso. W. S. HODGE, Undertaker. Bentinck and Piper-streets, Bathurst.

Demise. — It is with regret we have to announce the death of Mrs. J. Budge, relict of the late Mr. James Budge, of this city, which took place at her residence, Havannah-street, on Thursday evening last. Mrs. Budge was one of the few remaining old inhabitants, having been in Bathurst for more than sixty years. She was in her 81st year, at the time of her death and had been ill only a short time, although for several months she was in a feeble state of health. She was mother of Mr. James Budge, of Caloola, Mr. John Budge, of Orange, and. Mrs. J. Ashworth and Mrs. Bruce, of this city. Her remains will be interred this afternoon in the Kelso cemetery.


regards Val
Thanks Val.

... having been in Bathurst for more than sixty years.

20/7/1843: Married at Holy Trinity Church of England, Kelso. They had 6 children, William b1835, Sarah Anne b1837, Elizabeth b1839, Catherine b1841, John b 1844, Henry b1846 – 4 children were born before they married.

A child born 1842 Thomas Hawkins the father? Baptised Presbyterian not CofE.

How would Thomas be in Bathurst in early 1842?

And then Mary is in Hobart in 1850 for the birth of her 4th child with Thomas?

Very few with spelling Gregg but I can't see how it fits.

Death 8434/1886 HAWKINS MARY A - GEORGE - MARY A - PARRAMATTA * 15 Feb 1886

The Sydney Morning Herald - Tue 15 Feb 1887 p.1
In Memoriam
HAWKINS.-In memory of Mary Ann Hawkins, who died February 15, 1886, at Campbell-street, Parramatta. Inserted by her affectionate sons, Thomas, George, John, and James W. Hawkins. Gone, but not forgotten.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Fri 14 Feb 1890 p.1
In Memoriam.
HAWKINS.-In memory of Mary Ann Hawkins, relict of the late Thomas Hawkins, of her Majesty's 99th Regiment, died Campbell-street, Parramatta, ...