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Thomas HOGG & Martha CROOK


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Born Tahiti, Western Cape, South Africa :2fun:

Page 42
Marriages solemnized in the Parish of St Philip's Sydney in the County of Cumberland in the Year 1837
No. 250
Thomas Hogg of the East India Medical Service now in Sydney, a Bachelor
Martha Crook of this Parish, a Spinster
married in this Church by License with consent of -
First Day of December 1837 /Seven/ By me William Cowper Chaplain
[Signed] Thos. Hogg, Martha Crook
Witnesses: W. P. Crook of Sydney, Elizabeth Crook of Sydney

W. P. = father William Pascoe CROOK

Elizabeth is not Martha's mother. Must be sister born abt 1809.

Presbyterian Burial of Martha's mother:

V18371164 102/1837 CROOK HANNAH AGE 60

Martha born 1815 in Sydney - can't find that or the reg of siblings.
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HOGG Thomas Death notice 28JAN1885 Death at Newtown-road SMH 29JAN1885

The Sydney Morning Herald - Thursday 29 January 1885 p.1
HOGG.-January 28, at his residence, Darlington House, Newtown-road, Thomas Hogg, surgeon, late of H. M. East Indian Army.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Thursday 29 January 1885 p.14
THE FRIENDS of the late THOMAS HOGG are requested to attend his Funeral, to leave his residence, Darlington House, Newtown-road, at a quarter past 1 on FRIDAY, thence to St. Paul's Church and the Necropolis.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Thursday 29 January 1885 p.7
WE have to announce the death of Mr. Thomas Hogg, J P., surgeon, which took place at his residence, Darlington House, Newtown-road, yesterday morning. Mr Hogg was a very old colonist, his first arrival in Sydney dating as far back as the year 1837, when he came to Port Jackson in medical charge of military prisoners under sentence of transportation. In early life he entered the service of the East India Company, where he remained for 35 years, and then settled in this colony on a retiring pension, he was the author of a " Report on Leprosy and Elephantiasis," published by the Royal College of Physicians, London, and of " The Rise and Progress of Leprosy and Elephantiasis in the Australian Colonies," and as a member of the Sydney branch of the British Medical Association he read an essay on the disease known as beri-beri, as it prevails in India. For the past 30 years in this colony he had been a director of the Benevolent Society of New South Wales, and for five years he held the position of vice-president to that institution. He was also connected with other charitable organisations in Sydney.

Not Independent Rookwood.


HOGG Martha Death notice 04OCT1890 Death 75 late of Stanmore SMH 06OCT1890

The Sydney Morning Herald - Monday 6 October 1890 p.1
HOGG.-October 4, 1890, at her residence Kenelm, Cavendish-street, Stanmore, Martha, widow of the late Thomas Hogg, surgeon, aged 75 years.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Monday 6 October 1890 p.10
THE FUNERAL of the late Mrs. MARTHA HOGG will move from her residence Kenelm, Cavendish-street, Stanmore, THIS (Monday) AFTERNOON, at 2.15, for Stanmore Station, thence to Rookwood Cemetery.
BOOTS and GOMMESON, Undertakers, 168 King-street, Newtown, and Norton-street, Leichhardt.
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Laura HOGG b. 17 Jan 1847 , Tamil Nadu, India c. 11 Mar 1847 Madras, Tamil Nadu, India
- parents Thomas Hogg & Martha

William Pasco Crook
christening: 21 May 1775 St Saviour Dartmouth, Devon
father: Stephen Crook
mother: Maria

Hannah Dare
christening: 1 April 1777 Bramshot, Hampshire
father: Thomas Dare
mother: Mary

William Pascoe Crook
marriage: 12 Mar 1803 St Paul Covent Garden, Westminster, London
spouse: Hannah Dare

William died abt 1846 but I can't find a burial in the NSW index.

Bio - HERE


Tombstone Inscription HERE
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It seems there are no baptism records for the CROOK children.

Rough dates of birth calculated from age at marriage or age at death.
See MI

William Pascoe Crook
Death Place: Melbourne, Victoria
Age: 74
Registration Year: 1846
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 3210
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1772

Thanks Geoff.

Also expected to find that in the NSW index.

Don't think I need much more for this one. Just checking a few things in TROVE.

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Burial V18371164 102/1837 CROOK HANNAH AGE 60

Presbyterian Burials in the Parish of St Andrew Scots Sydney in the County of Cumberland in the Year 1837
No. 129 Hannah Crook wife of Revd. Wm. Crook Abode: Sydney When Buried: 26th October 1837 Age: 60 years Ship's Name: William Nicol Quality or Profession: Boarding School By whom the Ceremony was performed: Revd. W. Jarrett