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Thomas Hornby, I need help...

I have been trying to find my great grandmother for years now, but with no luck, my grandfather Thomas Hornby was born 11/03/1915 in St Helens, but there is no record of his birth whatsoever.
His father also Thomas Hornby was born in the September quater of 1887 in Prescot to Mary and James Hornby.
There is also no birth certificate for my grandfather Thomas born 1915, but I know he died in 1952 in Belfast. There are no parents names on his death certificate and his father Thomas 1887 was never married. The family never talk about my great grandmother and when my grandfather died in 1952 his wife destroyed all his official documents, so there is no record of anything.
Thomas 1915 lived with his father and his parents through his childhood, no mother was known, I can only assume he was registered at birth under his mothers name and then renamed when going to his father. I need help please from someone who might know something or somewhere to look. I,m getting sick of the sleepless nights with this going round in my head.
Thankyou in advance
Hi Sammy,

May I ask how you know his D.O.B.

The nearest I can find is this one.

Name: Thomas [Y_] Hornby
Year of Registration: 1914
Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
Mother's Maiden Name: Williams
District: Birkenhead (1861-1998 )
County: Cheshire, Merseyside
Volume: 8a
Page: 1012

Wrong side of the River Mersey though.? ?

I know his date of birth as that is on his grave in Belfast, my grandmother would have given that info in 1952, and also another family member who has never visited his grave gave me the same date of birth, also we know it was St Helens as his father never left after moving there from Prescot as a child and always living in the family home. Thanks for replying so quickly, it's very much appreciated.
Hi Sammy

Following on from Steve's message. Do not forget this birth, as they quite often moved away for the birth.

You could also try the Census and see if you can pick up any of the familly that way. It might take up some time, but might just be worth it in the long run.

From what you say regarding the family documents, there may have been things they were trying to hide !! We have all got those !! Perserverence is the word and patience.

If I have time later, will look at the Census .No promises,as it is one of those days !!

Hi sammy

I found this birth

Thomas E Hornby
b jan/mar 1915 Prestwich 8d 724
mother Langshaw

Prestwich is on the same side of Manchester as St Helens and not too far apart

Marriage Thomas Hornby to Minnie Langshaw
1909 Prestwich 8d 671

two other children
Elsie 1912
John 1914
perhaps others before 1912

Having had a further look, I don't think this is right as Thomas 1887 is still living at home in 1911, unless he is married but not with Minnie at that time.
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Hi Dave thanks for that, but I know my great grandfather never married, and as you said he was still at parents house in St Helens in 1911 unmarried, also my grandfather as far as we are aware was an only child.

I don't think there was a middle name for my grandfather or great grandfather, but as I have found no trace of my grandfather that is just me going purely on what I,ve been told by family, and as they seem to know so little about him it may well not be correct.

If he was registered in his mother's name and hopefully, he was registered as Thomas and as you have an exact date of birth, if you go through the registrations in March or possibly June 1915 in the Prescott districts looking for Thomas with a surname the same as his mother's it gives very few possibles.
In March 1915 there are two that I can see, Thomas Pye and Thomas M. Roberts and in June 1915, Thomas H Wright.
There are still a lot of ifs and buts, however if you can ascertain if any were born on the exact date (ordering certs.?), then you may be there. But how do you ever prove it unless you can find some documentary evidence.
following on from Robesur's message, without wanting to detract from it,
Thomas Pye was born in the Rainford district of Prescott so you could perhaps rule him out. The other two were from St Helens where your family lived, favourite Roberts as he was registered in the J/M qtr.
If you are not aware the Lancs BMD site - http://www.lancashirebmd.org.uk/ - gives you a form to complete to obtain a certificate cost £7.00 and if you add a note that you only want the cert if the birth date was 11/3/1915, my experience is that they will not issue it or charge you if is not the right one