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Registration District: Bridgeton
Civil Parish: Glasgow Barony
County: Lanarkshire
Address: 14 Marquis St
Thomas HOUSTON head b. abt 1851 age 30 Barber (Master) Paisley, Renfrewshire
Jane HOUSTON wife b. abt 1853 age 28 Barber'S Wife Paisley, Renfrewshire
Sarah HOUSTON daur b. abt 1872 age 9 Scholar Paisley, Renfrewshire
Grace HOUSTON daur. b. abt 1876 age 5 Scholar Paisley, Renfrewshire
William HOUSTON son b. abt 1878 age 3 Glasgow, Lanarkshire
John HOUSTON son b. abt 1880 age 1 Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Jane HOUSTON daur b. abt 1881 age 1mo Lanarkshire
I'd like a look up for the family in 1891 please.


Hi Dave,

CP Glasgow Barony
218 London Road

Thomas Houston head age 39 occ hairdresser born Paisley
Jane wife age 38 born Paisley
Sarah dau age 18 occ silk weaver born Paisley
Grace dau age 15 occ cotton weaver born Glasgow
William son age 13 born Glasgow
John son age 11 born Glasgow
Matthew son age 8 born Glasgow
Jane dau age 6 born Glasgow
Peter son age 5 born Glasgow
Thomas son age 1 born Paisley
Hello Julie,

Thank you very much.

Now, It's James HUTCHISON I wanted in London Road. :2fun: We still have not found the right James.

Please see if you can find the HOUSTON family in 1901. Thanks.


Hi Dave,

May be two of the sons both hairdressers.

CP Glasgow Bridgeton
305 Damarnock Rd

James Musgrove
Sarah Musgrove
Thomas Musgrove
William Houston boarder age 23 occ hairdresser born Glasgow
John Houston boarder age 21 occ hairdresser born Glasgow
Hello Julie,

Thanks. Yes, looks like it.

I'll search for a death for spouse Jane later today.

And I'll search for a death for Sarah later today. I should be able to find her knowing her full maiden name and dob:

Sarah Nicol ANGEL b. 14 Jul 1822.

I think it's too early in the morning. :D


Hi Dave,

CP Bridgeton
15 Sunnybank St

John Mcnee age 27 occ tram conductor born Glasgow
Grace wife age 25 born Glasgow
Jane dau age 2 born Glasgow
Matthew Houston bro in law occ hairdreser born Gasgow
Peter Houston bro in law age 14 occ hairdresser boy born Glasgow
Hello Julie,

Thanks. That is unusual but handy having four sons as hairdressers. :D

I probably lost you with Sarah. That's the mother of Thomas senior.


Thats ok Dave I'm normally confused most of the time :).

I've no luck with Thomas, Jane and young Thomas. The Sarah Musgrove may be sister Sarah as her year of birth is abt 1873, place born Paisley.
Hello Julie,


I'll follow those married daughters up later.

I'm off now for a few hours.


Hello Julie,

Sarah Nicol ANGEL b. 14 Jul 1822 Paisley

Spouse John HOUSTON probably died 1881 - 1891.

Death 1906 Sarah HOUSTON (ANGEL) Dumbarton, Dunbarton

Please see if you can find Sarah in 1901 and 1891. Thanks.


Hello Julie,

Thanks for looking. The ANGEL name is very rare in Scotland being virtually just one family started by a soldier (my Gx3 grandfather) from Devon who was posted in Paisley and married there. So I can be sure that is Sarah's death.

A nephew was born in Dunbarton:

Samuel Dow ANGEL b. 27 Oct 1860 Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton

Name: Samuel Angel
Age: 20
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1861
Relationship: Son
Father's Name: Thomas
Mother's Name: Helen
Gender: Male
Where born: Bowling, Dumbartonshire

Samuel has not been found in census after 1881.

Samuel Dow ANGEL & Agnes MUNRO
Marriage 1888 Blythswood, Lanark

Death 1904 Agnes ANGEL [ ? ] Kelvin, Lanark Age 50 ??

It's possible Samuel took a slow boat to Argentina with his brother Stephen Gifford ANGEL. Stephen seems to vanish after the birth of a son in 1888.

Arthur ANGEL b. 2 Jul 1888 Bothwell, Lanark

Stephen Gifford ANGEL & Jeanie CALDER
Marriage 1878 Maryhill, Lanark


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