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Thomas Hughes-Aberystwyth district-Wales

Hoping someone can help me find my lost Thomas Hughes, born circa 1801 +/- 2 yrs in Llanychaiarn, Cardiganshire, Wales.
He appears with wife Catherine (Maiden name as yet unknown) in the 1851 & 1871 in Aberystwyth district. Catherine was born 1798 +/- 2 yrs also on Cardigan, possibly also Llanychaiarn. I may also have them in the 1841- but not 100% positive as there were two Thomas & Catherines born around the same time living in the area.

Children possibly with them in 1861:
Margaret Hughes b 1828 Llanilar
Catherine Hughes b 1833 Llanilar
Mary Hughes b 1838 Llanilar
Also with them in the 1861 might be their granddaughter, Elizabeth Williams, b ca. 1850- as she was recorded with them in both the 1851 & 1871...

Their youngest daughter, Elizabeth Hughes b 1842 Llanilar, was visiting her brother Morgan (b. 1822 Llanilar) in Merthyr in the 1861- so I have wondered if the family moved to Dowlais, Glamorgan and later returned to the Aberystwyth district of Cardigan; though I don't see any sign of them in Merthyr, either.

Other children of Thomas and Mary:
David Hughes 1821 Llanilar
Morgan Hughes 1822 Llanilar (died in Dowlais, Glamorgan pre 1872)
Thomas Hughes 1824 Llanilar (stayed in Aberystwyth district for life)
John Hughes 1826 Llanilar
Hi I found a few on the IGI don't know if they are the right person though
1. Thomas Hughes b. 1804 Cardigan parents Thomas Hughes & Margaret Jones
2 Thomas Hugh 1804 Lampeter Cardigan, parents Hugh Jones & Margaret. - not too sure about this one though.
3. Thomas Hugh 1797 LLANFIHANGEL -YSTRAD Cardigan parents DD JN Hugh & iss David
& a marriage Thomas Hughes to Catherine 1822 at Tal-Y-Bont Cardigan this last one was submitted by a member of the LDS church and must therefore be verified.:)
Hi pejay, thanks. Those baptisims & the marriage in Tay-y-Bont are not of the correct Thomas.
I am thinking Thomas may have been enumerated in 1861 on one of the missing pieces...:( Was hoping perhaps I was just over looking a trancribung error.
Missing Pages:
4196 - Part of Aberystwyth, sub to Aberystwyth District
Hi there, have you tried different spellings i.e. Hugh, Hughs? it is amazing what you can find - or perhaps what you can't find:( I suppose not everyone could spell their name or even the enumerators that didn't know how to spell I have come across a few different spellings. perhaps the H could look like something else? perhaps even a P?
Hi there, have you tried different spellings i.e. Hugh, Hughs?
Hi pejay
Thank you for your attention to this thread.
I have tried various spellings, as well as first name searches...Nothing...:mad:
It would, of course, be my bad luck that this family is one of the families on the missing pages, as I have run in to the same problem with another branch regarding the 1861 census of London...
Hi I found this on find my past.com for the 1861 census not sure if it is the one you want though-
it doesn't have Thomas on it.Could he have died or worked away? I notice on here Catherine states she is a widow - but that was not always strictly true. :eek: I did find I think it was 4 or 5 Thomas Hughes but they did not have a Catherine as wife. - See what you think -RG no RG09 piece 4197 folio41, reg district Aberystwyth,
address Morfa Borth, Cyfoeth Y Brenin, Cardiganshire.

Hughes Catherine head widow 64 1797 Borth,Cardiganshire
Hughes Mary daug unmarried 23 1838 " " dressmaker
Hughes Catherine daug unmarried 19 1842 " "

I know some pages are missing, and for various reasons some people do not appear on the census but I think families usually do.:(
Hi pejay
Again- thanks for the suggestions. I took another look, and I do not believe that is the correct Catherine :'( .
The search can get a bit confusing as there were two couples in the Aberystwyth area that were Thomas & Catherine. Both had children David, Catherine, Mary, etc... however my Thomas & Catherine were married about two years prior to the other couple, so their children are slightly older (very slightly!:eek: ) and thankfully they did not have the children and name them in the same order!
Thomas was alive in 1861, as he appears in the 1871 with his wife and eldest daughter Margaret (b. ca 1828 ) along with a neice Elizabeth Williams, aged 20 yrs, who also was with them in the 1851 aged 2 yrs...
:( Hi I am sorry I think they may just be missing somehow I know some pages were lost:( I didn't really have much luck with the 1841 0r 1871 census either, would it be possible to glean info from birth & marriage records either certificates
or parish records .