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Thomas Musgrave final resting place.


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That famous ancestor of mine lol, Thomas Musgrave landed on the American shores in September 1886 with his youngest daughter who was 15.

His eldest daughter Elizabeth Wilson bought ha grave plot on the 29th October 1886 and we think that is where her first husband Robert Wilson is buried. So Ellizabeth must have lost her husband just after her father joined her in America. :'( Elizabeth remarried in December 1887 to Robert Sutherland.

As said Thomas Musgrave is on the 1900 US census aged 72 born Dec 1827, England, emigrated about 1887, living in Allegheny, PA. I have been in contact with a fabulous man who has been helping me and he has taken a photo of the family grave plot in Robinson Run Cemetery. Robert died in 1906 and Elizabeth died in 1911 and the plot had 8 graves and all are filled.

That is why we think that Thomas Musgrave occupies one of these graves. Back then burial ledgers were spotty and often the full list of people buried there was not listed.

Here are the burial deeds and a photo of the plot. I think I am looking at Thomas Musgrave's final resting place. He is under that grass somewhere but the grave is unmarked. Many were.



So which one is him?:confused: No headstone and somewhere in the grass?:confused:
At least its green grass there, my poor George Gibson has dirt:eek: where he is have had no rain for a while. [his here in australia]

Seriously tho i think its sad when theres no headstones. No money or prefere not to have one, but just a little slab with a name would be at least something.
Great pic Ben.
Thats sad, at least with my George's grave was easy to find. Got a grave number from the council and the 2 graves beside him had numbers and headstones. Dont know what happened there tho, he is buried amongst his wife's family who all have headstones and he dont. Mabe they didnt like him or he was one of those who didnt want one. Money wasnt a problem with them so that counts that out for a reason for him not having one.
He was 164 when he died then Leefer. Makes Henry Allingham look a baby. :D

Thomas Musgrave died inbetween the June 1900 census and the April 1910 census. He was 72 in 1900. Civil reg began in Pennsylvania in January 1906 so I hope he hung on until then. If he died before then it will be harder to find his death.

Amazing that it looks like we have found his final resting place but not the death date. If he had a headstone then it would solve that. Maybe his daughter couldn't afford one or Thomas wanted to be buried incognito.

I will not rest until I do find his death.
No not yet.

He arrived in America in September 1886. The ship docked at Philly on the 6th September 1886. He arrived just in time for the cold winter as I heard PA winters were lethally cold. His daughter bought the plot of 29 October 1886 so she probably guaranteed her father a place for when he did die.

As said Thomas Musgrave is on the 1900 census in North Fayette, PA, aged 72, a gent, (probably means retired) living with his daughter and son in law and grandchildren.