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Thomas Musgrave. I will find your death date.


Staff member

That famous 3xgreat grandfather of mine Tommy Musgrave who emigrated to America in 1886 will have to let me find his death date and give up that secret lol.

As said he is on the 1900 US census in North Fayette, Allegheny, Pennsylvania aged 72, retired. He is nowhere to be seen on the 1910 US census so I think I can safely say he was dead by 1910. As said I think I know where he is buried, at Robinson Run cemetery but the registers were very spotty and didn't list everyone buried in each grave.

Thomas died inbetween June 1900 and April 1910. April 1910 was when the 1910 census was conducted. In January 1906 civil registration began in PA. I am hoping Thomas lived to see the advent of PA civil reg but he may have died inbetween 1900 and late 1905.

His son in law died in March 1906 in Washington, PA, which bordered Allegheny and is buried at RRC with Elizabeth who died 21 August 1911.

Come on Thomas, please give me your death date, or at least a year to begin with.

Hi Leefer

Thanks. If Thomas did die after 1 January 1906 then his death should have been registered by the State and I can send off for the cert. If he was still alive in January 1906 he'd have been 78.