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Thomas Overton Hunt

Did Thomas and Jane have any children?

Just been checking the E/R's again, in 1934 there is an appearance of a Leslie William Abbott [boot trade] if he is a son he would have to be at least 21ys, it would be just about possible given the 1912 theory.

That said, if this is him then it wont be anything to do with Thomas..

Leslie William Abbott
Birth Date: 21 Nov 1904
Death Date: 12 Apr 1994
Cemetery: Andersons Creek Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia

It may be worth emailing the Victoria Authorities and asking about the Thomas Overton/Palmer death. They may be able to explain how it came about.


Email came through it's my work email so won't be able to open until the morning. I can t thank you enough Geoff. I will email his naval record to you in the morning aswell
Looking at the attestation paper it states his next of kin as Mrs Jane Abbott and under her name it states wife of Ernest Abbott so I cant see they were together it seems they were just his next of kin
Still lacking something definite to link Thomas Palmer and Thomas Overton/Hunt :rolleyes:

In 1919 Jane Abbott is on her own, but a Walter Tom Abbott is at 11 Station Street, the attestation paper has Thomas Palmer at 11 Station Street in 1916. No sign of a husband, Everard Abbott in 1919 or 1922. The Australian archives have Jane as Thomas' wife. Are the inconsistencies due to him hiding something? We haven't found an Everard Abbott yet :rolleyes:

Thomas' height, hair and eyes are similar but the tattoos are concern. I can't read what it says on the paper in post #32 about his right arm.

I got the naval record thanks. It is the same as the one in post #4, it says 'Run' Sydney, though it's unlikely he would have stayed there long.

Looking at loose ends..

Thomas Everard Abbott
Electoral Year: 1903
Subdistrict: Berringama
State: Victoria
District: Indi
[Living with a Jane abbott in Avondale. His occ. is manager]

Berringama is at least 150 miles NE of Melbourne :rolleyes:

Just in case :rolleyes:

Tom Everard Abbott
Electoral Year: 1917
Subdistrict: Hughenden
State: Queensland
District: Kennedy
Residence Address: Selection No. '2, Parish of Hugueville
Occupation: Bailiff
[On his own]

If you haven't been to the National Archives online there is this, but it may not give anything more than we already know..


If it ever becomes necessary, I can trace Thomas Everard Abbott's details back to his birth and forward to his marriage in 1922 and his death, Qld...

I can't see any evidence that he married a Jane, though he appears to live with her from at least 1903 until about 1916.

The reply from Australia.

I refer to your email enquiry and advise the details relate to an individual who was known under two surnames.

Prior to computerisation, the Victorian Registry recorded events under more than one surname if the individual was known under several names.


John De Amicis
Customer Service Officer

Victorian Registry of Births,
Deaths and Marriages
GPO Box 4332, Melbourne VIC 3001 Phone: (03) 9613 5947
Fax: (03) 9613 5880
Email: john.deamicis@justice.vic.gov.au
Website: www.bdm.vic.gov.au