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Thomas Overton Hunt

Not that much help. One good point though, they have acknowledged the 2 names.

As far as I can see, that just leaves getting a copy of the will.

I did manage to download the will for that series, but it didn't show Thomas', I wonder f that was because of the identity problem :rolleyes:


EDIT: Highlighted in blue should be, wills not will, meaning list of wills for that series.
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I didn't download his will, I downloaded all the names using the name Palmer from that batch.

You need to go to 'series' and there is an option for 'physical and/or digital', I tried with both together and with digital separately, his will wasn't among them, may be it isn't 'open' for download.

Oh sorry Geoff i read it as you had downloaded the file.

i have contacted them again to ask for the will so hopefully that has more details on