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Thomas Price 1834


New Zealand
I have been researching Thomas Price b. 1834 in Hope, Tryddyn, Flintshire, Wales. I have managed to source his census from 1861 - 1891 after that i think he passed away. He married Mary Bellis in 1857 (Wrexham District) and they had 6 sons.

I am looking for earlier records (1841 - 1851) so that i can try an identify his parents and siblings, any help is welcome with thanks.

Hi Smee,
can you give me a ref as to where you have him and his family on the census please? I have found this family but am a little unsure if it is yours in 1871

Thomas Price age 36 born Hope.
Mary Price, age 35 born. tryddyn.
Robert age 10.
Job age 8.
John age 4.
Edward age 2.
Samuel age 1 month.

hopefully now it will 'read' right without being jumbled up! lol
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Yes that is my Thomas and all his sons..........he was born in Hope, Tryddyn Flintshire,.........I have found him in census years of 1861 through to 1891, it is just the 1841 and 1851 census that i am missing (unsure of). The 1881 census states he was a farmer and in all the other ones he was a coal miner.

His eldest son Robert is my great grandfather.

Hope this helps......

Smee (Claire)
Hi Claire,

I will have a look again for him, I did see some, like you, but his YOB seemed to err more towards 1830, do you know when he died? did he leave a will? it is getting late here (10.50pm) and will have to get off to bed fairly soon (school run with the youngsters)

I think I have him on the 1861 cens, I think what would help now is his marriage cert, as Robert has only just been born I would look for a marriage around this time. It wouldnt suprise me in the slightest if Edward wasnt his father (is living either in the same dwelling as him or next door) on the 61 cens.

Without this cert you can only guess as to who his father is and also there are other Thomas's born in hope arounds the same time.

I'll have a quick look on FreeBMD but it wont be till tomorrow now, as I am off to bed


1861 census link -- http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bi...ecoff=1+2+15+16+17+18&db=uki1861wales&indiv=1
Silly of me i didn't notice Edward the census, it is very possible that he is either his father or uncle as i know that families didn;t move about so much as we do these days.

Thanks for that, and i will see if i can find an Edward especially as Thomas Price named one of his sons by that name.

Hi Claire,

I just had another thought, (i'll have to be careful, :p ) If you have Roberts Birth cert, this would give you his mums MN, then you would know one way or the other which marriage cert to buy and this would also give you witness' names and fathers names/occs :)

I know I'm pointing out the obvious, but sometimes even that gets overlooked

I will have to ask my parents about any certificates they may have, apparently the sotry goes that G Grandfather Roberts daughter go rid of or burnt a whole load of family documentation, to this day we don't know what.

I think i will try and go and find Thomas and Mary's marriage cert from 1857, though at that time i am unsure if their parents names would of been on them, however it would answer the question, i haven't been able to find anything on Family Search so far.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Claire,

if you find Roberts birth cert and order it, (from the GRO) this will give you his mothers full name, (including maiden name) his fathers name and occupation. This will then enable you to look on freeBMD for the mothers name and match it to Thomas' for the marriage.


Thanks for that, it is a good idea.........

I have been given directions to order a marriage cert online for Thomas and Mary, and have since done so, this might hopefully give me some family information, i will let you know what i find.

Thanks again for your help

Thanks for that, it is a good idea.........

I have been given directions to order a marriage cert online for Thomas and Mary, and have since done so, this might hopefully give me some family information, i will let you know what i find.

Thanks again for your help


you are very welcome is what/why we are all here, I will be interested to know the outcome when you get the cert

I got the Marriage Certificate yesterday...................yay.

Obviously it gives their ages, and jobs and fathers names. Thomas Price's father was Edward Price and he was down as a Labourer, Mary Bellis's father was Thomas Bellis and he was a Shoemaker and the Witnesses were John Bellis and from what i can make out it looks like Harriet Ellis............and there was an Ellis family about at that time, i wonder if she might be Thomas Price's sister married into the Ellis family.....all speculation of course.

Thomas Price was a Collier, which is correct, according to his marriage cert it states that he was residing at. (this might be spelt wrong) Llanfynydd ! and yes he was born in 1834 as he was 23 when he married

Mary Bellis resided in Treuddyn............which i was wondering was another spelling of Tryddyn. Mary was born in 1835 and she was 22 when she married.

Very pleased with the results, now to find Edward Price & family along with Thomas Bellis and family.

Any help welcome and many thanks:biggrin:
ohhh goody...

so that has helped, we now know for definate that edward was his father.

re the marriage and name you cant read, if you posted it on here, then we can have a look and try and decypher it :)

Will see what i can do to get the image on here, though never done that before.

The first name is Harriet...........i might have a look under marriages for both the Price and Bellis family for Harriet just in case she is a sister of either.
I will have to go to the library to look at these censi due tot he fact i don't have a paid site at present, would be a great christmas present from my family.........lol.

My local library has free access to world wide, which is fantastic.......at last a chance to make this research work better.

Thanks for the photo thing, will look at it again tomorrow, looks interesting and a bit complicated.

If i can be of any help to you at any time, just yell........


Claire (Smee)
I have been looking at census records at the library and i am coming to the conclusion that neither of the Edward Price records belong to my Thomas, i did find a record for Edward and Elizabeth in 1861 and 1871 Elizabeth was a widow. Int he 1861 Thomas was still at home, so this can't be the correct family due to Thomas getting married in 1857. Edward and Jane are still a puzzle.

I did find an Edward & Dorothy Price (1841) and their eldest was Thomas, and then i ran out of time.......so not looked up other census yet.

What i really wish is that they put the mothers name on the Wedding Certificate as well, i think they are on the death ones, though i wouldn't know when he died as yet, to many to pick from with out proper information.

Well that is me for now.