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Thomas Tucker Page (born overseas in Bermuda)

Hello there, been tracking the 'Page' side of my family. Basically it goes:

- Patricia Maria Page (later Bibby when married), born 30th November 1932

- Her dad was Charles Thomas Page born between Dec 1883-Jan 1884 in Liverpool. He was a ship's cook, married Ellen Horobin, and died 20th November 1936 in Calabar, Nigeria.

- His dad was Thomas Tucker Page, who was born around 1846 in Bermuda, but at some point moved to Liverpool, seems to have worked as a seaman. He married Mary Ann Henry, 25th September 1882 in Liverpool.

I can't seem to go any further back than that with this 'Page' family, probably because Thomas was born in Bermuda. Is there any way to search records in Bermuda for his parents and other info? Anyone know where to start, if indeed it is possible?

Actually the marriage of Thomas T and Mary Anne is wrong and/or someone else, as it shows Thomas being about 28 and Mary about 20...when there is about a 16 year age gap between then, indicated by census results later on (which are definitely correct). I can't seem to find the correct marriage details for them.
I think you have the right marriage as that is the only Page/Henry marriage I can find. I think it is Thomas's age which is wrong. It's either an error in the transcription or he has lied about his age to make the age difference less. It would be good to see an image of the original entry but I can't find one on line.

It is odd. I also think that Thomas' son Charles lies about him on his marriage certificate. On Charles' marriage certificate to Ellen, he lists 'Charles Thomas Page' (his own name) as his father, but I find no other record of this to back it up, and I am certain this Thomas is his dad. Odd family!

So you are fairly certain that the marriage recording in 1882 for Thomas and Mary, is this Thomas?
Entering Thomas Page and Mary Ann Henry and Lancashire but not putting a year, that is the only marriage which comes up on FreeBMD

C Thomas
Last name
Birth year-1885
Birth date-1885
Birth place-British,Liverpool
Death year-1936
Death date-20 Nov 1936
Vessel name-Ashantian
Departure port
BT -334
Record set
Deaths At Sea, 1781-1968
Mary Ann
Last name-Henry
Name note
Marriage year-1882
Marriage date-25 Sep 1882
Marriage place-Liverpool
Father's first name(s)-William
Father's last name-Henry
Spouse's first name(s)-Thomas
Spouse's last name-Page
Spouse's birth year-1854
Spouse's birth date-1854
Spouse's father's first name(s)Thomas
Spouse's father's last name-Page
ResidenceLiverpool, Lancashire, England
Familysearch gives Thomas Page father as Thomas Page
and Mary Ann's William Henry.
The marriage certificate will give occupation of groom and the fathers occupation. :)
With regard to getting the marriage cert, it should confirm the age Thomas gave when he married as well as, hopefully, give details re his father's name and occupation. Your decision.

Did Mary Ann die early

Last name-PAGE
Birth day
Birth month
Birth year-1863
Death quarter-1
Death year-1898
Record set-England & Wales Deaths 1837-2007
Thomas Tucker Page
Event Type
Event Date
Registration District
Bermudo Resident

Edit-So is he a Brittish Subject born in Bermuda
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Last name-PAGE
Birth day
Birth month
Birth year-1846
Death quarter-3
Death year-1915
Record set
England & Wales Deaths 1837-2007

If Thomas Tucker Page was a Brittish Subject born overseas I would phone GRO with a querry.

1847 to 1851 - 1st and 2nd Battalions, 42nd Regiment (Royal Highlanders), then the Black Watch. The men wore dark tartan to distinguish them from Guardsmen or Red Soldiers - hence the name Black Watch. At one time (1848) Casemates at Ireland Island in Bermuda was their barracks. They were then guarding the convicts building the Dockyard. One of the officers was Captain G. W. MacQuarie, who lived in St. George's at what was then Rendell House, later the Redan Hotel, now Clyde's Cafe. It is believed one of the soldiers was Richard Brackey, married, whose son was born in Bermuda. Several of this unit's soldiers died in Bermuda from yellow fever and are buried at St. Peter's Church in St. George's. They include Ensign Maitland, Ensign Abercromby and beside them the grave of bandmaster Philip Goldbergh. Many members died and were buried elsewhere in Bermuda from yellow fever. In Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland, a monument - still there - was erected in 1887 to mark the enrolment in 1740 of the Black Watch as the 42nd Regiment of the line. The "Watch" as it was known originally was first raised in 1667 by various Whig clan chiefs in Scotland "to be a constant guard for securing the peace in the Highlands and to watch upon the braes."

Just a thought.
Found the following on line, they may be able to help.

If you are looking for more recent vital records, try the following address:
Registry General, Ministry of Labor and Home Affairs
Government Administration Building, 30 Paliament St.
Hamilton, 5-24, BERMUDA
Birth and marriage records available 1866 - present; Death records 1865 - present.

For help with Bermuda research
questions contact:
Local Studies Librarian
Available: 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday
Call for appointment to avoid disappointment
Tel. (441) 296-1297 ext. 223
Fax. (441) 292-8443

Thank you so much everyone for your help and info. Is there a possibility with Thomas that he could be a slave descendant? I know he is listed as being born in Bermuda as a British subject, so maybe not. The reason I wonder is a lot of my grandmother's, and great grandmother's, generation are fairly dark skinned, and when my mum asked about this when she was younger; no one in the family would answer questions. We think this came from the male line (my grandmother's dad - Charles Thomas Page), and now seeing Thomas is born in Bermuda, just wondering.
Hope it is okay to bump this old topic?

I followed some lines of inquiry suggested in this thread but still am at a dead-end. I contacted the Bermuda Records and Archives, and they could find no record of a Thomas Page, or a Thomas Tucker Page, being born there around 1846. Is there any other way to track down his birth record? He was coloured/West Indies, so wondering if perhaps he was a slave descendant...and therefore there'd be no record?

The first evidence I find of him in Liverpool, England is in 1882 when he married Mary Ann Henry. I can't find him on the 1881 census or any of the U.K census records before for some reason. On his marriage certificate he lists his father as 'Thomas Page' and his father's job is listed as a 'mariner'. On the certificate it does not say that his father was deceased...so I assume his father was still living at the time of the wedding.

Can anyone help me find him before 1882? Anything would help. And is there anything else I could do to try and find a birth record for him?