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Thomas Tucker Page (born overseas in Bermuda)

It is odd. I also think that Thomas' son Charles lies about him on his marriage certificate. On Charles' marriage certificate to Ellen, he lists 'Charles Thomas Page' (his own name) as his father, but I find no other record of this to back it up, and I am certain this Thomas is his dad. Odd family!

So you are fairly certain that the marriage recording in 1882 for Thomas and Mary, is this Thomas?
Thank you so much everyone for your help and info. Is there a possibility with Thomas that he could be a slave descendant? I know he is listed as being born in Bermuda as a British subject, so maybe not. The reason I wonder is a lot of my grandmother's, and great grandmother's, generation are fairly dark skinned, and when my mum asked about this when she was younger; no one in the family would answer questions. We think this came from the male line (my grandmother's dad - Charles Thomas Page), and now seeing Thomas is born in Bermuda, just wondering.
I am Charles Thomas and Ellen’s granddaughter. Are you Auntie Patty’s grandchild?