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Thomas Turton

Hello, im having difficulty locating any record for a Thomas Turton from Ashton in Makerfield. Census returns give his year of birth 1814 in Seven Oaks,Kent. He is later to be found in Ashton in Makerfield,lancs-- he married a Jane Ackers 1st July 1833 at St Oswalds,Winwick,lancs and i can find the tree thereafter. There is a high incidence of Turtons in the Ashton area hence his parents may have originated from there and somehow found there way down Kent ?-- i can find no ref to births of turton there however.
My guess is that Thomas Turton came from either a boat family or military family. I have a family with similar connections to both places and they were both army and canal people. There are very few people in Kent in the 1841 census called Turton, one is in the navy and another family is barge family and yet another is in army. There doesn't appear to be any older people there either which would point to the Turtons originating elsewhere. The name Turton rings a bell with me but I can't place it as yet.
I remember where I saw Turton it was connected with the Littler family I had been looking at. Turton is of course a placename too in Lancashire. I saw a website called Mariners and Military which was Turton Family but was unable to access the site as my broadband went down.
I can trace my roots from Thomas Turton who settled/returned to Ashton in Makerfield to date. There are a number of families with the surname Turton in early 1800s concentrated in Ashton. Thomas,s daughter also married a Turton, which had me confused for a little while but it was plain sailing after that. The trouble with googling Turton is,as you say,it is a placename and a name of a tower and also of a landed family all concentrated in the northwest.