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thomas wood and sarah jane jones

madison, New York
thomas and sarah were married in 1886 wales, I have sent for a copy of their marriage cert. They 11 children, William E, Evan H, George H, Thomas H, John S, Sarah J, Harry, Hartwell, Herbert, Edwin and Walter. I am pretty sure this information is correct, what I would like, is to go deeper into the history of Thomas (herbert?) Wood and Sarah Jane Jones. I think I will have their birthdates when I get a copy of their certicate of marriage. But if this history sounds familar to anyone I would love to talk to them. Evan, George, Thomas, John and Sarah still lived in Wales in 1938 when Walter (who was my grandfather) died in an Auto accident on Christmas. Thomas and Sarah I do not know if they were still in Wales or If they came to NY,USA. The other brothers were living here in New York. My mother was 4 at the time of her fathers death and now she is gone along with her 3 brothers, but all the grandchildren of Walter's is now wanting to know more about our ancestry. So far I have been able to get the furtherest but if we could some how locate a relative (children or grandchildren) of one of Walter's brothers or sister we may be able to find out more.

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