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Three generations, 5 people who did not die??

Hi, I have a ancestor whose name was Harriett Branton who birthed a son in 1856 called Henry in shoreditch workhouse according to the cert. Henry 'married' a lady called Mary (Pine) before 1881 - not that I can find a marriage cert - but they appear in the 1881 census with a daughter Elizabeth. They had a on called George in 1883 - got the cert for that also. Can't find them in 1891 census ... Any of them. George married a Lena Ellen Gray in 1905 in Hoxton about 6 weeks after their child was born in the shoreditch infirmary. Lena gave the child the name of Lena Elizabeth branton, did not list the father, but had her own name as Lena Branton. The infirmary records show she was still Lena gray.
The wedding cert shows the same address as the birth cert for Lena gray/Branton. The young family then left england at the begging of 1907 with the ships final destination to Halifax, there is a Lena Ellen gray in the Canadian 1901 census. The next record is their deportment back to the UK in 1907 from Maine USA.
I have found no death records for harriett Branton ; Henry or Mary Branton; or George or Lena Branton..... I have tried various spellings etc and been as abstract as I could. Might not be able to see the forest through the trees, so if anyone wants to have a go, I welcome any suggestions.
Hello Jo,

A bit more info if you have it might help.

How old was Lena in the 1901 census?

I'll think of more questions later.

Re 1907 Maine, USA to UK, what source is that? Who is listed and any ages given?

Births Dec 1857
Brandon Henry Shoreditch 1c 100

I think another check of 1891 census for Henry & Mary would be a good move.

There are so many possible variations including BRANDON and BRAMTON.


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Hi something to keep to one side, such an unusual name
Marriage Lena E Branton
Greenwich 1927 4th qtr to
George E Clark.


1881 census RG11/410/23/47
Birth Elizabeth Ann Branton
Mile End march qtr 1880
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Hi everyone, to add more info - the 1901 Canadian census list Lena Ellen Gray born in 1886 and with a father named Charles. The wedding cert I found for george and Lena had her age being in line with being born in 1886 and his in 1883 (matches his birth cert). Her full name is given as lena ellen Gary as on the canadian census. Her father on cert is listed as charles also. Not 100% until I find any form of proof she came to London from Canada after 1901. But it is as close as I have found.

The source of the deportation of Lena, George and baby Lizzie (Lena Elizabeth Branton) is recorded in the shipping immigration records. I have seen the original and it lists them down the bottom of the page as deportees.

I have the birth cert for Henry William Branton born sept 1856 in the shoreditch workhouse mother being harriett. No father listed. It matches the 1881 and 1901 census records that mention Henry. I can't find a close enough match for him in 1891.

I have looked at various spelling and also outside the city of London and found sketchy possible connections but nothing solid. The 1901 census lists Henry as a sick pauper but the actual infirmity records show he was a patient with a sore foot and was there for three days - he is listed as married but I can't find Mary his wife or George his son in the census! Goethe was listed as a shoe repairer in 1905 in the same area that his family had lived for years so I can't work out where they were. Wrong spelling? Probably....

The marriage you found in 1927 is my grandmothers. A marriage my father didn't know about as she married my grandfather in 1975 ( dad was born to them in 1936) and there was also a child born of the first marriage too which sadly passed away at 6 weeks age in 1929.

Elizabeth Ann Branton -YES! I thought the same as the child is listed in 1881 census and then there was a death cert in 1884 so I ordered both but they were different parents whom I traced in the 1891 census so have to rule that one out. :eek:(

Are you sensing the dent in my office wall strangely the same shape of my head??? lol these Brantons have challenged me! It just seems strange to not be able to find any death certs for these people....I am beginning to think they may be vampires
Hi Jo
I'm so confused.
You said in first post "the young family left"..
what surname for 1907 please the you said one of them was
already in Canada in 1901??
Marriage for grannie and another 48yrs later??

Hello Ozn,

No real proof they are the same person but a Lena Ellen GRAY was born in Canada and was in 1901 Canadian census. A person with the same name married in England in 1905, then they went to Canada. Then they were deported and we presume ended up back in UK.

So are any of them in the next census?


It is confusing because the double up of lenas. But yes the summary is correct, a Lena Ellen Gray born in 1886 in Canada with a father named Charles listed in the 1891 and 1901 Canadian census. Four years after that official record, the next official record of a Lena Ellen Gray is in London marrying George Branton. The age and father's name is correct as well as her full name.

Lena Elizabeth Branton born before her parents wedding has dodgy documentation with her mother listing her name as Lena Branton - although she wasn't married to George yet. The address she gives on the birth cert is the same as her marriage cert so I am 100% sure it is the same person. As I said, the actual infirmary records say her name was Lena Gray though, same address. The child is Lena also.

The family listed as George, Lena and baby Lizzie, are recorded leaving or Canada 6 months after the birth/marriage. Hence me linking her back to the Lena Ellen Gray in Canada.

To be honest I have not had a too in depth look into the 1911 census due to the costs and the fact that my 'quick check on family history' usually ends in 12 hours later! Ha ha
Oops! Sorry didn't realize there was issues with the census that should not be named....kinda like McBeth!! lol sorry if I did the wrong thing.
Sometimes it's called 19@@ and sometimes the one after 1901. :2fun:
Hey Lee,
Cheers, I will check out this lead. I did find TWO Harriett Brantons BOTH born in the same year and BOTH in Shoreditch!!!! grrrrr! Oh you really need a sense of humor to do this type of thing huh?
Hey Lee,
Cheers, I will check out this lead. I did find TWO Harriett Brantons BOTH born in the same year and BOTH in Shoreditch!!!! grrrrr! Oh you really need a sense of humor to do this type of thing huh?

That is strange,does her age on this link tie in with her birth year?
Not unless she was 10 when she had her son Henry in 1856. The two harriers born in the same tear 1837 - I have traced both but things are sketchy. One whose parents areclisted as Thomas and Esther married in miles turner in 1854 so doubtful that it could be the woman who birthed as Branton in 1856. The other had parents named Ann and William (called Captain Branton in 1841 census). That Harriet had the middle name of Lydia according to her baptism record. There is then a marriag cert for Hariett Sydia (Lydia) Branton in 1869 to William Hamilton but that record has. John listed as the brides father? The little girl Annie Branton mentioned by a previous post could have been the daughter born to harriet Lydia Branton (note the maiden name used!?!?) and the father listed as Thomas Branton? Strange to have two Harriet Lydias but I suppose it could happen?
It is 10.40pm here and my brain is fried! Thanks to all whom have embarked on this confusing journey that is the Branton family...much appreciated!