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THURSTON & RUMSBY families in Norfolk


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Marriages Mar 1852
Rumsby Thomas Blofield 4b 361
Thurston Sarah Blofield 4b 361

Births Mar 1866
THURSTON Robert T Yarmouth 4b 29

Robert's mother = Annie and father = ?

Ref ?
Postwick, Norfolk
Thomas Rumsby aged 45 b. 1826 Eaton Norfolk Ag. Lab
Sarah Rumsby aged 39 b. 1832 Postwick, Norfolk
John Thurston aged 25 b. 1846 Postwick, Norfolk Ag. Lab
Robert Thomas Thurston lodger aged 5 b. 1866 Yarmouth, Norfolk

RG11 Piece / Folio 1958 / 133 Page 20
Census Place Surlingham, Norfolk, England
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
Thomas RUMSBY Head M Male 51 Eaton, Norfolk, England Ag Lab
Sarah RUMSBY Wife M Female 49 Postwick, Norfolk, England
Robert THURSTON Nephew Male 15 Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, England Ag Lab

I presume John and Sarah are siblings although I can't find a baptism on FS to prove it. John may or may not be Robert's father. I also can't find the 1852 marriage on FS.

Robert has an uncle William in NSW but I don't know what side of the family he is from. I can't find a William THURSTON or RUMSBY in shipping records. Could be a sibling of Annie - maiden name unknown.

The only William THURSTON I can find arrived in Victoria in 1850. He was 21, a wheelwright from Kent.

I can't find any trees on either family.


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Hi Dave

I nearly gave up the will to live on this one...

I followed most of your info and it appeared correct or close, though I couldn't reconcile the 1852 marriage of Thomas and Sarah as I had been following a Sarah Ann Thurston with almost identical stat's. Then in 1891 I found Sarah (unmarried) living with brother Henry. I also found a William from the same family emigrating to Qld.

Trawling the 1851 censuses for clues, I hit another little gem:
Parish: Intwood - Reg Dist: Henstead - Ed: 7 - HO107/1818/88/1
Ann Thurston, 22, serv, b. abt., 1829 Postwick.
Thomas Numsby, 28, groom, b. abt., 1823 Eaton. The original does look like Rumsby. The main concern here is Thomas' age in 1871 and 81, 3 & 7 years out!

Double checking the marriages, if it is Sarah & Thomas, interesting why she is Ann in 1851!

There are a couple of trees on Anc... Assuming she is Sarah Ann, she has quite a number of siblings (I haven't checked them all out yet), one of them is John, b. 1846, which would fit in with your 1871 census. Because John wasn't born until 1846 the 1841 census isn't helpful, though she does have a brother, Henry.

This is the 1851 census for Sarah Ann's (or Ann's) family which includes William and a sister, Ann :eek:
Parish: Postwick - Reg Dist: Blofield - ED: 2 - HO107/1819/47/13
James Thurston, head, mar, 41, ag lab, b. Hemwall
Sarah, wife, 46, b. Hassingham
James, son, unm, 22, pipe maker, b. Postwick
Henry, son, ----- 16, do. ------------do
Ann, dau, ------- 11, ----------------do
William, son, ---- 10, ----------------do
John, son, --------4, -----------------do

William from the above family - Anc. Tree, has a note as follows:
William Thurston and wife Julia Minns emigrated to Australia on the ship Tim Whiffler, 1875, docking at Maryborough Qld. His occupation was brickmaker. I haven't tried to validate this yet.


Hello Geoff,

Thank you very much. :)

All I have from the death reg is mother= 'Annie' so could be a Sarah Ann.

THURSTON Julia 27 Tim Whiffler 16 Jun 1875 930 18477 Z1958 M1698
THURSTON William 31 Tim Whiffler 16 Jun 1875 930 18477 Z1958 M1698

Film M1698 is in the State Library so I'll look at it one day.

THURSTON Robert 18 'Smyrna' 1883 Sydney Reels 2142, 2494
'Smyrna' 1305 tons departed Plymouth 29 Jun 1883 and arrived Sydney 29 Sep 1883

Robert 18 Ag labourer Norfolk - Wesl. - Read & Write - Uncle William in Sydney
Register No of Application 10691 £5 Agent W. Castleton ?

I will look at this in detail later this week when I have lots of time.