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Timber Merchants Liverpool 1854-1864 Henry Charles. B. Turner


Brisbane Qld
Could someone please direct me as to the best source to search, to discover if this man is listed in a directory? At a loss to know where to start tradewise. He is believed to have died somewhere around 1863. His wife, Eleanor Sarah Fitzsimons, later married on 24 June 1865, Great Boughton, another timber merchant by the name of Peter Thomson, son of James Thomson and Mary Ann Meacock. Problem with HCB Turner is that his death remains elusive. He was born Prescot, Lanc, around 1827 to Rev William Turner and Annie Rowena Dacre Turner. One daughter's marriage notice described HCB as having been a merchant of Liverpool.
Any enlightenments?
Hi Mary
Here's the 1861 census for the peeps.
Eaton Rd Chester
Henry Charles 34 Timber Merchant bn Prescot
Eleanor 26 British Subject
Charles Wm S Turner 7, George Temple S Turner 6, Constance Anna S Turner 3 all born Bickerstaffe, Eleanor Beatrice S 9mnths born Chester.

Their baptisms must have took a while :)


added: 1861 Peter Thomson timber merchant is 28 single born Lpool boarding in Bebington
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Hi Mary,

The children on the census that Oznannie found for you, do you have any of their birth certificates as I wondered what they had as father's occupation? also his marriage, where was he living then.

It is just if he died between 1861 and 1865 you can chart his movement from his marriage and childrens' births

I have found a directory you can search online at the site below, I put in Turner and it said there were 197 hits. It is Gore's directory of Liverpool 1853.

http://www.historicaldirectories.org and use the find by keyword box to narrow it down to Gore and Liverpool and the 1850s. There may be others too.

Let us know if you find him!

Thanks Barbara, Dave and OzNannie for your response to my occupations directory query. Will search the Liverpool directory next. Much of my research originally started from that 1861 Census entry a few years ago.

I have a certified copy of birth certificate for Eleanor Beatrice Turner stating that "father Charles Henry Turner" is a "merchant". Many family members believed her actual father was Peter Thomson, till I obtained the certificate. On the certified copy of marriage certificate I hold of Peter Thomson, and Eleanor Beatrice's mother in 1865, Peter's occupation is given as "timber merchant", and I have learned from family sources that HC or CH (the order varies)Turner was in timber also.
The problem is that several of the Turner born children (Eleanor, Blanche and James) took the name of Thomson, making tracking of the first husband's death very difficult. Constance Annie and Charles William kept their Turner names, even though they all travelled on the same ship to Moreton Bay. I have been on this forum before looking for a first marriage to no avail.
The rootschat thread was started by me, and has not to date produced any new evidence. So you see it's a bit of a mixture right now.
Hi Maryc2 :)
I looked in my copy fo Kellys/Gores 1853 with no luck.
If they were living in Bickerstaffe, then his home address won't appear.
The only timber merchant I could find was a Samuel Turner & Son
Renshaw St Lpool.

Hello all, Thank you for reading my 2012 posts. Here I am 12 years later still trying to find a death for Charles Henry Turner, merchant, possibly Cheshire. From my Australian research of his daughter Constance Annie Turner von Stieglitz who died 1883 in Tasmania, I have ascertained a connection when Constance Annie's mother, Eleanor Sarah Turner, later Thomson, nee Fitzsimons inserted a Death Notice in the "Queenslander" newspaper of 29 December 18943, Page 1209, describing the death of Anne Rowena Dacre Turner on 6 September 1894 in York, England, as the "relict of Rev . William C. Turner, formerly of St John's Newfoundland, and mother-in-law of Mrs Peter Thomson of Wivenhoe" (Queensland). Charles Henry Turner is believed to have been the father of several children named though as Thomson,before they emigrated to Qld on the Star Queen in 1869. The 1863 Manchester death for a Charles Henry Turner is for a five year old boy it would appear. Eleanor Beatrice Thomson was definitely his daughter, as evidenced in the certified copy of birth I obtained from GRO. It is quite possible that Blanche Sarah Thomson and James Thomson were also born Turner but isolating their birth records is proving difficult. Any further thoughts down the track would be helpful thank you. I am Queensland based. maryc2
I can see no death in England on GRO 1861 - 1865 as Charles Henry or Henry Charles with an age that would fit.

With no middle name and in Cheshire or Lancashire

GRO Reference: 1864 M Quarter in ASHTON UNDER LYNE Volume 08D Page 403

GRO Reference: 1865 D Quarter in ULVERSTONE Volume 08E Page 507
Hello there Dave, Thanks for looking. I am beginning to wonder if the marriage was ever a marriage but he did indicate he was a Timber Merchant born Prescott on the 1861 Census. If his father was a clergyman in Newfoundland perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places. Some of the Ancestry trees are assuming too much I suspect. Tomorrow is another day. Many looks, Maryc2
I have now found Charles Henry Turner in the UK City and County Directories 1766-1946 as a merchant at Exton Road in 1860. This is the same address given on the birth certificate of his daughter Eleanor Beatrice Turner on 10 July 1860 and the 1861 UK Census. There is also a birth for his son James Turner on 25 December 1863, so he was possibly still alive then. There is a Cheshire England Parish Registers 1538-1909 showing James' baptism at Shotwick on 25 April 1864. With a marriage to Peter Thomson in 1865 that narrows down the field. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks maryc2