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Time Machine-What ancestor would you like to meet?


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Nottingham, England.
Hi all,
I have a few "Wanted Names" or "Brickwalls" and would love to go back in time to meet and discuss. For example, my Great Grandma and Great Grandad had 3 children (1908, 1909 & 1911) after they were married (1906). From then on (1911) they have gone completely missing!! One son died, the other two were split up from each other and brought up seperately. Every record, marriage, death, war (first War), courts, local newspapers and all have been checked - They have completely vanished!!

So I would love to go back to .. to meet them both and ask them what happened? What was the problem? If only I had a time machine:)

So good folks, if you could go back in time to see one of your ancestors - who would it be and why?
Tell us who you would like to meet.
Get that time machine out:)

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