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Time team catch up.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
I watched an old Time Team programme last night, from Dorchester St, Shoreditch.
The site was from WW2, which was bombed out by a V2 rocket.
This programme I found really fascinating, as there were 'eye witnesses', and even some people who acually lived in the houses at the time of the blast. They even found a skeleton of a cat, and the ex-inhabtiants named it.

I'm playing catch up with a lot of these programmes, as they did not appear on Irish TV. I was about to 'bin' SKY, but I've now had second thoughts.

One fact that came out of the programme, was the applications to build houses in Dorchester St. in 1820-1840.
No building experience required and one application was from a Mr. Barfoot*, occupation, Tallow renderer.

*Take note Lee.:biggrin:

Excellent programme. http://www.channel4.com/history/microsites/T/timeteam/2006_blitz_grass.html

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