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Tips for beginners and others


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When looking at the records,look further than simply recording names,but look for name patterns.

Often the eldest son and daughter,or sometimes their siblings, were named after their parents,this can be especially useful when looking for parents pre 1841 Census.This pattern may pass through several generations (I have Thomas Fennell running through 6 generations from 1722-1902)

Other children may be named after aunts and uncles and consequently certain names frequently re-occur within the extended family.This can be useful for linking family groups.

Another clue can be the misspelling of names (note these down),whether it be forenames or family names.By sharing a common misspelling it may link families you hadn't initially suspected were connected.(I have connected married siblings who consistently spelt their name Elsy instead of Elsey).
This was especially the case when people were less literate than today and wasn't always the fault of the enumerator!

Misspellings aren't always,therefore,a genealogists nightmare!!

Thought I'd pass on my thoughts (appreciate other members experience/findings)

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