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titanic history

A very distant rellie was a survivor on the Titanic. On one of the Ancestry newsletters I had received had a picture of Maud, she had celebrated her 21st on the Titanic. Maud had been nominated by one of her rellies as woman of the month.
Hi All

A Cousin? of my fathers was a survivor of the Titanic disaster she was Amy Zillah Elsie Stanley of Wolvercote born 1888. Aparently her story was in the February edition of the family historian, I wish I could see it.

Gwen :)
my gt gt aunt emigrated to America aboard the Brittanic,,,,,guess who the captain was !!! A certain captain SMITH.....so wierd to have a connection to the TITANIC story...:)
loved the letter from the Titanic. i am a Titanic nut. lots of signed photos from the movie. my sister's friends father in the uk survived the sinking.
hows the dogs?
cheers Rosie

Hi Rosie
Yes it's an interesting link, I also like the photo that Lee posted, such a touching memorial. The link Julie found too regarding the titanic passengers was really interesting , just been reading that.
The dogs are fine thanks Rosie, all enjoying themselves in the park when we go "walkies". How are your dogs?:)