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Qld. Death 6 Dec 1892/C03243 Toohey Maria - James Ahern - Margaret Ryan - Birth year: 1852

Qld. Death 22 Nov 1922/C03890 Toohey Matthew - Patrick - Catherine Howe - Birth year: 1841

The birth years are taken off age at death.


Looking for more details on Matthew and Maria, thanks,
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4x deaths in Qld. for a James Ahern.

Qld. Death
Margaret Ahearn
Event date: 06/11/1893
Event type: Death registration
Date of birth: 1808
Registration details: 1893/C/1860
Mother: Ann Kennedy
Father/parent: John Ryan
2x Deaths in Qld.

Patrick Toohey
Event date: 12/01/1873
Event type: Death registration
Registration details: 1873/C/378
Mother: Bridget Killkary
Father/parent: James Toohey

Patrick Toohey
Event date: 28/05/1888
Event type: Death registration
Registration details: 1888/C/1521
Mother: Alice Doran
Father/parent: James Toohey

So far I can't find anything in Trove for those two deaths.

Catherine Toohey
Event date: 22/11/1889
Event type: Death registration
Registration details: 1889/C/3797
Mother: -
Father/parent: Morgan Hough
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Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser (Qld. : 1861 - 1908) Sat 23 Nov 1889 Page 4
On the 22nd November, at her son's resi-
dence, Mort's Creek, Catherine Toohey, relict
of the late Patrick Toohey (formerly of Wal-
loon), aged 84 years.

FUNERAL.—The Friends of Messrs. MAT-
THEW and JOHN TOOHEY are re-
spectfully invited to attend the Funeral of
their Deceased MOTHER, to leave the Sand
Ridge (near Three-mile Creek ), at 1 o'clock
THIS DAY (SATURDAY), for the Ipswich
T. REDDY, Undertaker.
Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser (Qld. : 1861 - 1908) Tue 7 Nov 1893 Page 2
AHEARN.—On the 6th November, at the
residence of Patrick Ahern, Mount
Walker, Margaret, relict of the late
James Ahearn, aged 85 years.

FUNERAL.—The Friends of Messrs.
AHEARN are respectfully invited to attend
the Funeral of their deceased Mother, Mrs.
JAMES AHEARN, to move from the
Residence of PATRICK AHEARN, Mount
Walker, for the Ipswich Cemetery, at 7 a.m.
THIS DAY (TUESDAY), and to arrive at the
Sand-Ridge (Three-Mile Creek ) at 12 o'clock.
THOMAS REDDY, Undertaker.
Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser (Qld. : 1861 - 1908) View title info Thu 8 Jan 1885 Page 2
FUNERAL.—The Friends of the late JAMES
AHEARN, Mount Walker, are invited to
attend his Funeral, to take place THIS DAY
(THURSDAY), January 8.
GEORGE DOWDEN, Undertaker.
Must be this one.

Qld. Death
James Ahearn
Event date: 06/01/1885
Event type: Death registration
Registration details: 1885/C/1732
Mother: Ann Bourke
Father/parent: John Ahearn
I can't show which death is correct for Patrick Toohey.

No births in NSW or Qld. index for Matthew Toohey abt 1841 or Maria Ahearn abt 1852.

James Ahearn b 1811 Glenough Tipperary married 1841 Cappawhite to Margaret Ryan (1808-1893)
he died 6 Jan 1885 Qld – buried Ipswich Gen Cemetery – findagrave RC grave 2955
arrived with wife & children 9 April 1863 Qld on “Queen of the Colonies”

James – Jan 1885
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/130393875?searchTerm=james ahearn
Margaret – Nov 1893
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/123350134?searchTerm=margaret ahearn

Maria b 1851 Holyford Tipperary – married 11 June 1870 St Mary’s Catholic Church Ipswich Matthew Toohey – reg 000218 page 14883

Matthew Toohey b 7 July 1839 Borispoke Tipperary – Patrick Toohey (1791-1873) & Catherine Hough (1805-1889) – arrived with parents 1 June 1855 Brisbane on “Truro” - NSW & Qld passenger list

Catherine - Nov 1889 – reg 003797 page 14880
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/132177113?searchTerm=catherine toohey

Patrick – Jan 1873 Ipswich – reg 000378 page 14883

Mary Ahern baptised 23 April 1850 Kilcommon Tipperary – James Ahern & Margaret Ryan – parish reg
No Matthew ??

Elizabeth TOOHEY 10 Truro 1855 Moreton Bay Reels 2137, 2472
Simon TOOHEY 8 Truro 1855 Moreton Bay Reels 2137, 2472
Patrick TOOHEY 45 Truro 1855 Moreton Bay Reels 2137, 2472
Catherine TOOHEY 43 Truro 1855 Moreton Bay Reels 2137, 2472
Matthew Toohey died 22 Nov 1922 Qld – reg003890 page 1639

arrived aged 14 – Tipperary – Patrick & Catherine on board – ship “Truro” - arrived 1 June 1855 Qld
looks like listed in adult male section
Assisted Immigration – page 92 – 18474 microfilm Z1957 M1696

his wife
married 11 June 1870 Qld – reg 000218 page 76

Mary arrived age 12 with family on 9 April 1863 on “Queen of the Colonies”

her parents James & Margaret Ahern nee Ryan