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Towersey, Oxfordshire. Farm Sale or Sales.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Between the 1841 and 1851 census, there appears to be a very serious down turn in agriculture in Towersey.

1841, there seems to plenty of people working on farms, as ag,labs and the like. But by 1851, the Oxfordshire,Thame Poor House seems to be overflowing with farm labourers and families.

Can anyone see, or find, any Farm Auctions in the Towersey area in the Newspapers.

The Thame Gazzette seems to be one in the area.


The dissolution of the Thame Abbey by Henry VIII in 1542 meant the church owned lands in Towersey were passed to the Dean and Chapter of Oxford. In 1669 after the Civil War these lands were seized by Parliament and conveyed to Sir Edmond Pye.

By the 1900’s several cottages and the manor were owned by James Whitehorse (who was Lord of the manor at the time). Along with Phillip James Digby Wykeham and Thomas Alfred Grange. They were the chief landowners at that time.

Land up until this point had been available for all to use for grazing of cattle and general purposes. The local residents reacted strongly to the enclosures and it became an occassion of great riots! The Bucks, Beds and Herts Cronicle dated 26th.January 1822 gave a report of the trial of two Towersey residents who were charged with rioting and assault. According to the report a local Thame solicitor, and his clerk were prevented from pinning the necessary formal notice of intention, on the church door by a large crowd. The two ringleaders, John Allnut and William Dover were fined and ordered to serve short terms of imprisonment.


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