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Tracing a foreign marriage...poss French


I've not tried to trace any of my foreign roots yet as I'm not really sure how to go about it, my first one I'd like to find out about is the marriage of

Henry Norman Thornton b1896 Fulham, London to a French woman called Lucie (assuming that spelling) - we know literally nothing about her - Henry died in 1971 I think and she outlived him and apparently went back to France.
While they were in the UK they lived in Midhurst, Sussex I think.

If I had to guess I'd say they married late-ish and had no children, and Henry was busy fighting in WW1 and travelling about in WW2 as he was an Air Vice Marshall at one point, so flitting from place to place and his cards etc never mention a wife. We've no idea how they met.

From a passenger list in 1955 he's listed as married, but so far that's the only clue I have on date.
Free BMD has this marriage
Marriages Sep 1933
Argod Lucie M L - Thornton Henry N [St.Martin 1a 1475]
Upson Lucie M L - Thornton Henry N [St.Martin 1a 1475]

No sign of obituary for Henry, attached is a 'In Memoriam'

There are lots of free newspaper sites on Henry's military career. [search H N Thornton]
Photo of Henry Norman Thornton [a black & white]

Thornton Henry Norman of Flat 4 West Lavington Hill House Midhurst Sx died 5th January 1971 probate Oxford 27 May. £24769.

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Well he was a busy boy wasn't he!! Thank you for all the links, that'll give me some more reading! :)

It looks like that could be his marriage in 1933, so I've ordered the certificate to check - Lucie has always been a mystery in our family, so we'd love to know more about her!
Oooo you clever person!! So she was either a widow or divorcee - am amused by the 'very quietly' bit?! Is that a read between the lines type of statement as in she was divorced and it was slightly risqué or they were shy and didn't want a fuss I wonder?!