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Tracing my second cousin

Hi,,,first time on this board,,,,i am trying to trace my rellies in Australia,,,the info i have is as follows
Nora Mchale b 1937 in Manchester,England,,,married an Edward Lee in 1958 in Manchester. At some point she emigrated to Australia,probably in the late 60s or early seventies.
Thats all i have,,,?? a long shot i know,,,i know she was alive up to a few years ago,as she used to send my mum a xmas card,,,but my mum didnt reply ,,and didnt keep the address,,grrrrr :)
Hello gortonboy,

The search for possible arrival will have to wait for someone who has access to such records.

I looked for possible recent deaths and the most recent was 2004 for a Norah Lilian LEE in Melbourne.

Do you know what state? Do you know if she had a middle name? If you are sure she was alive say 4 years ago and if we knew the state then possibly we could find her death in a newspaper. On-line electoral rolls only go to 1954. More recent ones are in the main state libraries.


Did Nora some out here on her own, just a thought that if she come out with family that if we cant find any trace on her we might be able to on her family such as kids or husband maybe. It might not help just a thought tho.
Thanks for looking,,,,that is all the info i had,,,,,i do know that most of her siblings also emigrated to Australia,,,but in the case of her sisters..i dont know if they had married.Her siblings were

Mary McHale b 1935
Violet Winifred McHale b 1936
Edward McHale b 1938
James McHale b 1939

You got parents names for them? Hope we dont find a death index for any of them, but it might help to confirm we have the right one if we do find anything.
I cant find a thing. The indexes just dont go up to the years i want:rolleyes:
Someone else might have better access to some stuff i dont hopefully.
Online phone book has lots of Mchale''s and i cant find anything in the National Archives neither. Sorry i couldnt help. Hopefully someone might have some suggestions that we could try.
Some new info has come to light :) I have the address of Norah Lee,,this address is from about 6/7 years ago

unit 20/8 -10 Robert Street,Glenelg,South Adelaide,5045,South Australia....it seems Nora was the last to emigrate,and may not have emigrated till the 80s.
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