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'Tracing the family tree'


New member
Wirral Mersyside
Hello I'v been tracing my family tree along with my two sisters off and on for 4/5 years. I live in the Merseyside area my late mum was born in Liverpool (this is the side of the family we have been concentrating on.) My mums name was Elizabeth Ann Chamberlain born 1927 (she married my father Philip A Bastow in 1948 he was born in Rock Ferry Birkenhead )her fathers name was Frederick Edwin chamberlain born 1898 and her mothers name was Margaret nee Mills born 1902. Fredericks parents were called Edwin Thomas and Catherine Chamberlain. Fredericks siblings were called Mary, Edwin, Henry, Francis, Christina and William. Mum was quite coy about her young life her Mum died when she was 12 and we think there were alot of religious problems involved between the families. Anybody out there been looking for this family !!?? We are stuck.. We do know that Edwin, Fredericks father was born in Birmingham Warickshire about 1856, but there is no trace of his birth, baptism etc and believe me we have looked! With regards our grandmother Margarets side her parents were called Frederick Walter and Isabella Mills, her maiden name was Dunn...ok I'v gone on enough for now!!

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