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O.K Hayley
Here we go-PAGE 1-
Peter Stanley b 1790 married Rebecca Wellings
children of the above
1/Sarah b 1817,Putney,bap 27/7/1817
2/Divrus b1820,bap Putney 27/12/1820 died Croydon 1888,a basket maker,,married Naomi King an Hawker born 1827@Epsom died 1906 @Croydon,in 1861 living @ Palmers Field,Wandsworth in 1881 living@Handcross Alley,Croydon
3/Lucy born Ockham,Surrey 1823
4/Olive born 1825,bap Berkshire 25/12/1825
5/Peter born Berkshire 1828
6/Penelope born 1831 Berkshire died Camberwell 1920,bap 11/4/1831(stated as Penella on census,married Henry Lee a greengrocer,@Newington St Mary,London on the 24/1/1859,Henry born c1830
7/John born Berkshire 1833,married Mary??
children of Divrus Stanley and Naomi King
1/Sophia born Hastings1840,died Croydon 1888(she was known as Sophie Goldsmith/Gutsell,married Fredrick Gutsell,born Brighton 1842 ,a chair bottomer,in 1871 @Marfleets,Croydon 1881 using the surname of Goldsmith,living in a tent on Mitcham Common
2/Moses born Chelsea 1844,a basket maker
3/Diverus born Croydon 1848,an hawker/gypsy,married Louisa Ann ??-on census named as Davies Stanley
4/George born 16/11/1848@Kingston upon Thames ,died 1908 Fulham,occupation Hawker/Gypsy,married 1875 @Croydon to Cinderella Cooper-in 1881 living in tent on Mitcham Common,Cinderella was born 1850-1913
5/Sarah born Croydon 1852 married James Williams born 1842
6/Rebecca born 1855 at Clapham died 1907 ,married Edward Sales 1856kent-191 Edenbridge,Kent
7/John Dover Stanley born 1856 Norwood ,Croydon,married Ann Donovan @Croydonin 1884,Ann was born 1861
8/William born Hoxton 1860 ,occupation a flower seller
-PAGE 3-
children of DIVERUS STANLEY and Louise Ann //(Louise was born Horley surrey 1847)
1/John born 1869 @Croydon married Augustusann Coleman born 1871
2/Peter born 1870 Croydon
3/Diverus born Croydon 1872 married Bertha Beall born 1872
4/Naomi born Croydon 1874 married Horace G Isted born 1874
5/Louisa born Croydon 1877,married Hans C Loffhagen born 1875
6/Mary born Croydon 1883,married John Henry Knowles born 1880
7/William born Croydon 1885
8/Henry born Croydon 1888
9/Abraham born Croydon 1892
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*******may the good Lord hold us all in HIS safe keeping***********
children of Diverus and Louise(Louis born Horley,Surrey 18471/John born Croydon 1869 married Augusta Coleman born 1871
2/Peter born Croydon 1870
3/Diverus born Croydon 1872 married 1909 @ Croydon to Bertha Beall born Croydon 1872
4/Naomi bor Croydon 1874,married @ Croydon to Hans C Loffhanger
5/May born Crydon 1883 married John Henry Knowles born 188
6/William born Croydon 1885
7/Henry born Croydon 1888
8/Abraham born Croydon 1892
children of Diverus and Bertha nee Beall
1/Louisa Naomi born Crodon 1904 ,married@Croydon 1924 to George Elliott bc 1903
2/Bertha Amy-known has Amy-,born Croydon 1909 ,married 1934 @Croydon to Albert Bryan Hughes bc 1909
**children of Louisa Naomi and George Elliott
1/Rene M,born Croydon 1926
2/Joan D born Croydon 1925
3/Louisa A born Croydon 1928
4/George born Croydon 1929
5/Charles W.T. born Croydon 1931
children of
Hans C Loffhagen and Louisa Stanley9they married @St Augustine,Croydon 4/6/1895)
1/Henry born Croydon 1897
2/Lily Louisa born Croydon 1902

**children of--May Stanley and George Henry Knowles
1/John Henry born Croydon 1904,married @ Croydon 1928 to Beatrice E Reeves born Croydon 1908,they had 1 child called John born Croydon 1929
2/Laurnce born Croydon 1910 died Hampshire 1999
3/Hilda born Croydon 1913
4/Raymond G born 1917 @Croydon
5/Mary J born Croydon 1920
children of Naomi Stanley and Horace G Isted
1/Bessie born 1905 CRoydon
2/Olive born Croydon 1909 ,married Croydon 1928 to Dominico Cocorocchio,born 1909,they had 3 children,Margarita R born 1929 Croydon,Eillen M born Croydon 1932,Dominico born Croydon 1934
3/Ivy A born Croydon 1915 died Croydon 1915
children of
John Stanley and Augusta Coleman
1/Augusta Annborn1896 Croydon ,married at Croydon 1915 to (I love this)Albert Sparrowhawk,he was bc1895 they had 1 child Augusta born Croydon 1915
2/May born 1897,married 1916 at Croydon,to Samuel Williams born Croydon 1892
3/Susanna Jane born 1900 died 1901
4/James H born 1902 ,married at Croydon to Sophia Saunders born Beckenham,Kent,they had 1 child Olive Sophia born Beckenham,Kent 1927
5/William born 1905 died 1923
6/George born 1906
7/Sarah born 1907
8/Olive born 1910
children of Samuel Williams and Mary Stanley
1/Mary born Croydon 1920
2/Sarah R born Croydon 1923
3/James born Croydon 1925
4/Kitty born Croydon 1926
children of Penelope Stanley and Henry Lee
1/Peter born Newington 1855
2/Sarah born Newington 1856
3/John born Newington 1858
4/Robert born Newington 1863
5/William born Neington 1865
6/Alfred born Lambeth 1867
7/Charles born Lambeth 1869
8/Martha born Tower Hamlets,London1870
9/Emily born London 1872
children of
Frederick Gutsell/Goldsmith and Sophia Stanley
1/Naomi born 1863 Croydon
2/Frederick born Croydon 1866,married Phoebe?? born Kent 1870 died Croydon 1902 they had 2 childrenEmily born Mitcham Common 1892,she married Edward Spice-Frederick born 1887 Mitcham Common
3/Israel born Croydon 1868
4/George born Croydon 1870
5/Mary Ann born Hastings 1872 used the surname Goldsmith when an adult
6/Emily born Croydon 1874,later used the surname Goldsmith ,she married Steven Rogers
7/James born Mitcham Common 1880
8/Henry born Mitcham Common 1881
children of John Dove Stanley and Ann Donovan(Ann was born Ireland 1861)
1/Annie born Croydon 1884 died Croydon 1930 marreid Charles Gillam born Croydon 1878,they married @ CRoydon 1905
2/George born Croydon 1886,married Caroline Farrow born Penge,Surrey 1888
George and Caroline had the following children
1/William born 1911 Croydon he married Ellen Fairman born 1914
2/John born Croydon 1922 died Croydon 1927
children of William Stanley and Ellen Fairman
1/George born 1935 died 2004,married Rose Violet Plested 1937-1998
2/John born 1938,married Sylvia Wisby
3/William 1940-2003
4/Ellen born 1946
5/Peter born 1947
6/Ann M born b1952
7/Daniel born Croydon 1954 he married Ann Partridege
O.k folks
I think that you had better look through that little lot before I post anymore information

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Romany Rose xhelpusall
Romany Rose! You really are quite the super star:)
I have just looked at my email and there is a HUGE amount of information to try to absorb!
I hope you had a good sleep after being up till 2am!
Sorry I don't get on here as often as I should but everything you have put up is brilliant xxxx
Thank you so much Romany Rose

All I can say is Wow! I've just been transferring all the information you've shared and it's taken me the best part of a few hours so it must have taken you AGES!!! I want you to know that it is VERY appreciated!!!!!

I wondered if you could help me with a few questions. My direct descendant is Olive Mary Stanley b1825 in Berkshire the daughter of Peter and Rebecca. She married Daniel Johnson b1826. I wondered if you had a marriage date for her. Also my info on Daniel Johnson is very sketchy, (I think he was born in Brompton Surrey) I was wondering if he was from the travelling community as well as I have seen Johnson muted as a well known traveller name.

Also I wondered if the Stanley's were part of the New Forest Stanley's that I've seen mentioned on the internet or are these a different branch?

Thank you so much again, your help as been invaluable, I definitely wouldn't have been able to learn this much without you and for that I am extremely grateful. I just wish I could give you info in return.
I think there's a little bit of confusion with regards to Rebecca Wellings. Rebecca Wellings was married to Diverus Stanley and they had 3 children together. Sophia(1840) Frances (1842) & Moses (1844) She is not his mother and was not married to his father Peter. I have the birth certificates for both Sophia & Moses and each state a Rebecca Wellings as being the mother.
Rebecca & Frances simply disappeared off the face of the earth and I've not been able to find anymore about them. Naomi King was Diverus's 2nd wife.
I would LOVE to know more about Rebecca Wellings and also Rebecca Sarah Stanley, the wife of Peter.
Sorry if I'm being a know it all...I don't want to appear that way, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. V xxxx
Pheweee! V :)

Romany Rose, do you realise I have just spent hours putting everything into my Ancestry tree! I have to say a HUGE thank you, you've been brilliant. Funny to come across the Reeves being tied into the Stanley branch of the tree. I'm sure you all remember the furniture store which was razed to the ground in the riots a couple of years back, it became quite an iconic. The store belonged to the Reeves family and the shop/family are so well known in Croydon that they actually called a tram stop Reeves Corner. I used to pass that stop may a time.

Hlouise, I have a feeling that the Stanley's are mostly based around Croydon and also Brighton/Hastings.

V xx
Hi everyone I am back sooooo sorry that I havent returned sooner apparently my comp needed a spring clean!!!!!!!!!!:eek:
ok 2 of the 3 people that I told you who had relatives through the Stanley family have got back to me :)
Unfortunately their details on Olive Mary are also sketchy.:(So I will keep on digging:D but I have uncovered the following so I hope that it helps someone
P.S there is also a lot of info on the rootschat webpage about the stanleys-so it may be worth taking a look