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hi hlouise
Thank you
for the appreciation it is much appreciated hehe:biggrin:
how are you doing is there anything specific that you would like me to look into more extensively
take care
Romany Rose x
Hi RomanyRose, wondered if you could help again? as my 3x gt grandfather was a basket maker/hawker would he had to apply for a hawkers licence to sell his wares? If so where would i look for these? & would these licences be around in the 1800's?
Reds :)
Hi Romany Rose.

I fear my actual Stanley branch is too elusive, although I know where Olive Mary was christened, I can't find any marriage records for her and Daniel Johnson which means I'm stuck trying to find any more info on Daniel Johnson and his family. Was he a traveller? I'd love to find out.
Going back to the Stanley line. I'd love to go back to the next generation and find out more about Peter Stanley and his wife. I have found no records for Peter so don't know where or when he was born, who were his parents? Did he have any siblings? Also when and where did he get married? I can't find him on any census and don't even know when he died. I'm pretty much the same with Rebecca, I know a little about her from censuses when she was a widow but again know nothing about birth or death.
I understand the records may be sparse but I'd love to know more.

You've been so helpful
Thank you again.
For Reds
Hi there
Glad that I could be of help
Hawkers/Pedlars licences were first issued in this country in 1697 and were initially issued for 1 year
I do know that back in the 1970/80s that the local authority issued them but from the 1940s through and upto the 1970`s they were issued at cost through the local police station
my father in law having come from Glasgow over the boarder to Nottinghamshire had to have his photo taken (apparently this may be a good way of obtaining a photo of your relative)for police records- so that he may trade here I have 1 of his hawker licences and its dated 1966 and cost him £1.

Romany Rosex
Hello Louise
Good to hear from you again
I know just how hard this Romany research can be ,but having come from Romanies and am still in contact with them and how we consider ourselves to be all one big family it really helps has between us somewhere there will be someone who knows or remembers them especially the Stanleys/Johnsons,only the other day we were at a family get together when I was talikng with a relative of the wonderful Cindrella Cooper
Anyway Louise I am rambling
I will have a look tonight and get back to you
until then take care
Romany Rosex
For Hayley
Got your name right this time:2fun:
have taken a look at familysearch and found these
Daniel Johnson birth 1826 @Kingston Surrey with wife Mary(understand that this is the name she was called) and childrenn Rebecca/Peter/Dives(Diverus)/Sarah /Lucy and Ellen
with regards to Daniel 1871 St Mary,Newington,Surrey
1911Camberwell,Peckham,South in institution aged 65

not sure about this one having a connection to you
Sophie Stanley married David Lee(cousin to Harry Lee and with the surname Stanley upon reflection it probably is connected anyway have put together a tree) let me know if you want it -no probs if you dont I will just had it to my database of Romany Gypsy/Travellers family history
Romany Rosex
Haha, Don't worry about it Romany, Louise is my middle name, so I can answer to both.

I thought he was from Kingston-Upon Thames, but I kept confusing myself with Brompton, not sure why. Does that mean he died in a workhouse in 1911? I know he died between 1901 - 1911 but didn't know when or where. Olive Mary is a funny one she changes her name and birth place every census.

Do you know if there is any information out there about Peter and Rebecca Stanley?

Once again you've surpassed yourself and found out more information than I have in 12 months! So thank-you again.
Ahhhhhhh Peter and Rebecca Stanley.................I have searched for over 2 years to find out more about those two and have drawn a complete blank, so can I too could jump on that bandwagon?
These guys seem to have been based largely around Putney/Croydon. If they did marry, which is often hard to establish, and it can be pointed to a church in either of those 2 areas I would gladly go to the church to see if I can obtain records. Although I live in Kent, I work in central London and would gladly take an afternoon off to see what I could find.

V xx

I have just been looking at the Simmons/Marshall family tree on Ancestry and I think there's something on there which will help with your Olive/Mary Stanley to Daniel Johnson connection.
There's a woman called Lucy Johnson, 1865-1953 and there's some details about her birth certificate in the profile.
Hope it helps xx
taken from findmypast website pro ref RG11/810
116 Church Rd
John Stanley ....h...37...hawker
Laura Stanley...w...34
John Stanley.....s....12...scholar
Peter Stanley.....s....10..scholar
Diverus Stanley..s....8....scholar
Naomi Stanley...d....6.....scholar
Louisa Stanley....d...4..

**********Also taken from same site
Rebecca Wellings ,christened 1821 @ St Albans Herts
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just a follow up to add to your data
Lucy (Thurza )Johnson daughter of Daniel born 1865 4 North St Walworth Newington,died Deptford 1953.Birth Registered July/Sept name of mother Mary Stanley,in the 1871 Lucy @6 Park Row Newington
1881 @8 Park Row Newington has a domestic servant
1891 @48 Bedford St Newington
1901 @8 Union St Newington
1911@10 Angle St as Lucy Rich
Lucy married Edward Harle born Newington 1866 died Camberwell 1942
they had 6 children
1/Lucy born Walworth 1888
2/Edward Daniel born Walworth 1889 died Bermondsey 1964 ,married 1918 at Southwark to Rebecca Peck 1895-1990
3/Mary Ann Olive born 1890 Walworth,st John
4/George Henry born 1894
5/Olive born 1896 died 1987 at Lewisham ,married 1915 at Southwalk to John Albert Marshall 1892=1971 they had 1 child Joyce Amelia born 1917
6/Walter 1900-1979
Romany Rose,
You are a complete super duper star. As always, thank you for your help. I'll have to find some time to get over there.
V xx
Everyone that`s 10 pages of posts
think that I will now stop looking at these families
and wait to hear of any help required from further individuals

Of course feel free to ask for any help with other Romany families I have an extensive archive
See you soon
Romany Rose xx
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Hi Romany Rose,

Not sure if my Boswell's are a Romany family, my 3x g grandmother Anne Boswell was born abt 1811 in West Sussex. I found her marriage to my 3 x g grandfather Thomas Langrish in 1832 on a Romany site. It isn't clear that she was a Romany, they had just put all Boswell information on the site, do you have any information about Anne or her family??

I just found this forum and read about the Stanley’s. Great to read as Diverus Stanley is my great great great grandfather, Diver is my great great grandfather and his daughter May Stanley is my great grandmother. Her daughter is my nan ( Ellen Louisa Dyer (Green). All born in Croydon including myself. I have now moved to Canada and was so interested to know my heritage. I recently did a DNA test and I am just Irish and English (50 % each) so wondered if the Stanley’s were Romany or Irish gypsies. If anyone knows thAt would be great.