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Trouble at Mill


Loyal Member
swindon wilts
So i was delivering in Gloucester today and parked up opposite an old flour mill....love YE OLDE GLOSTER with its two old custom houses still standing and lots of old wharfes to look at.
Thats beside the glorious Cathedral....anyway i was noting the lovely double windows down the middle of the old mill...would have once had thick wooden doors and hoists and pulleys there instead so that some poor old mill worker had to pull the heavy bags of flowery gold up to be stored.

Anyhow out the corner of my eye i got a glint of blue which led me to find out that this was not any old mill...it was a mill that created history:)

On a completly different subject the photos below was taken today also....Tredeger in the Welsh valleys with its little rows of houses sat on hillside ledges:eek:


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