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Truth behind my grandfathers death?


New member
Hi there, I’m new on this site & hoping for advice on how to go about finding out the cause of death of my grandad. He passed in the 90’s, not sure of the exact date, I know he was cremated in Eastbourne East Sussex UK.
I do not have any contact with my birth family so I can’t find out. I know my grandad name, he was Originally a traveller from Brighton And when I was little I was told he lived on a boat in Rye, East Sussex. I did contact my grandma (his wife) about 14 years ago, when I asked about his death she changed the subject and never heard from her again. Please can anyone tell me how I go about finding out how he passed?
Thank you
Have you tried contacting the cemeteries and seeing if they have a record of him? If they do you might be able to get a date of death and from there order his death certificate which will have his "cause of death" on it.