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Trying to disprove that I'm welsh...

Everyone here has been extremely helpful so far in my quest to find out who my ancestors are, apart from they've mainly proved to me that the Elliott's are very welsh, and were welsh until at least the early 1800's. That's the end of my days laughing at welsh people :(

Fortunately, you've helped me find out that I do have links to the Clarke family who have been in Lambeth, London - Crewe and Buckinghamshire (eventually Wales though, obviously), thank Christ.

I'm Charlie, 16 years old, and until my bitter millionaire great-uncle decides he wants to speak to me for the first time in my life and show me the research he's done, I guess I'm gonna have to do the research myself.

Glad to be here,

Can't see what's wrong with being Welsh. However I've known a few Elliotts and none of them were Welsh. They were all Scots. But maybe you don't want to be Scottish either. You can't choose your roots but you can end up surprised as to where you actually came from.
Ah, who knows, if I go back far enough I'm sure we might end up being Scottish. However, on that note, I did once read a handbook about the Scottish Elliot clan, and they claimed to know of all the different spelling variations of Elliot, but that the "double l and double t", they know not where they be ;)

I joke about the welsh thing, because my mum's otherhalf has a thick welsh accent, and I'm forverer mocking him. Now, he can laugh straight back at me.

Hi Charlie - just to confuse you even further there are over 70 spellings of "Elliot" which are from the same derivation - this includes names like Elward, Elwold etc. The poem you refer to denotes the spellings of the main names resident around the town of Newcastleton in the Borders of Scotland where the Elliot Clan HQ is based. "The double 'l' and single 't' the Elliots of Minto and Wolflee, the double 't' and single 'l' are the Eliotts who in Stobs do dwell, the single 'l' and single 't' the Eliots of St Germains be; But double 'l' and double 't', The de'l may ken wha' they may be." The insult in the final line is because that is the favoured spelling below the Border in England (The Auld Enemy). A lot of confusion was caused in the 17th century when the 'i' was added and confused the name with that of Norman derivation - if you go to Newcastleton many locals will still call you "Ellot" without an 'i'. However, the fact that you spell your name with the dreaded double 'l' and double 't' does not mean you are NOT of Scottish descent - you simply have to research to find out as it was often mispelled - for example many immigrants from 'Elliot' stock in USA/Canada arrived in the USA in groups and if the first 'Elliot's' name was mispelled so was everyone elses! There is no substitute for research - I wrote a fictional novel based around the history of the Elliots and the area around the dreaded Hermitage Castle - you can find out more at *********************

Good luck - I do hope you discover you are not Welsh! :biggrin:

Best Wishes

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David, why do you think I'm here?? - To get other people to do research for me, of course ;) Haha, just kidding, In my house somewhere we have a book all about the history of the Elliott clan in Scotland, and we certainly do sound like one of the better clans (course, I'm bound to be bias).

Your link to a website was blocked, but I'd be interested in finding out more, so try sending it to me in a private message and I'll let you know what happens.

@Sterico - Cheers for the friendly welcome, glad to be here.
I do recall someone telling me that most Elliott's outside of Scotland tend to be from Devon... think it may have been on another forum. To be honest, I'm just happy that I'm able to trace my family back another couple generations :)

This has been happy hunting :D

I used to live in a small village in Kircudbrightshire. They used to quarry silver granite there. Elliott (at least I think that was the way it was spelt) was a local name. They also had quite a few people of Welsh origin who came to work in the quarries. Possibly there were times when the reverse was true?