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trying to find infromatin on my aunt ruth langley she had been married 2 times b


New member
trying to find infromation on my great aunt ruth
but for some reason i can not find her records
her mother was flarance mabley ashby and father james henry langley they married in 1904
they had 4 surving children winfried narah langley dob 1906
delia dob 1912
reg 1910
but ruth i am not sure of
but i am now wondering if florance sister may have been the mother
she was in to the bible
the ashbys come from kimbolton in huntingdon cambriddgeshire and i know it was quite a big family
florance went in to the services as a servent in sohoin 1886 she would have been 16yrs old
i have know idea what ever happened to mary but if i can not find any other expenation on why i can not find any birth marriage or death record for her
so could any body help me please
what i do know about ruth is that she was the double of my granmother winfred narah langley
ruth was an arist and wrote poetry and she had been married 2 times once to a barnard and once to a clarke i belive she may have signed her art work under barnard she lived in leamington spa and had a 13 bedroom house
but i was too young to remeber where
her daughter diane had been married to a forniuer she had 2 children one girl one boy
names can not remeber
but the daughter would be in her early 40s 50s by now


Well-known member
March, Cambs
Re: trying to find infromatin on my aunt ruth langley she had been married 2 tim

Hi Nanny!! Welcome to the forum!

I've had a (very) quick search for your great aunt and, alas, I am having very little luck at the moment as well. I have found Florence on the 1881 census:

Amis ASHBY -45years born Ellington, Northampton (father) worked as a 'whitesmith journeyman' (whatever that is!!)
Emma ASHBY -44years born Alfreton, Derbyshire (mother)
Francis ASHBY - 14years born Kimbolton, Huntingdon
Benjamin ASHBY -13years born Kimbolton, Huntingdon
Charles ASHBY -9years born Oundle, Northampton
Kate ASHBY -8years born Oundle, Northampton
Nelly ASHBY -6years born Oundle, Northampton
Ernest ASHBY -3years born Oundle, Northampton
Joseph ASHBY -1year born Oundle, Northampton

They were living in a place called Hills Yard in Oundle at the time of the census.

I live quite close to Huntingdon so give me a few weeks and I'll try to get to my local library and have a look at the parish registers for you. I'm sure that I'll be able to find something.

PS Do you know where James came from originally? Was he from Huntingdon or from Oundle? It would help narrow down the search a bit!!



New member
thank you for your reply my granfather james henry langley come from henfield in sussex he was a black smith.
my family now live in huntington my 2 sisters and 3 nephews and my mum isnt it strange how people are pulled to surtien places

any way thank you very much for your help ;D


Loyal Member
Staff member
Robin Hood County
Hi Nanny Couldnt find Florence on the 1891 census for Soho, but found Florence Ashby on the 1901 census, servant, Soho born about 1883. Not been able to locate Ruth.


New member
hi hunny

thank you for looking for me its a bit of a puzzle this one she must be on it
i can find her sister on it winifred norah langley 23rd of sept 1906
not sure about ruths dob or delia or reginald dobs
i know that james drowned after 1901 but do not know the year or the area

ruth must be on it i know that she lived in lemmington spar i know she was married 2 times in her live time one was a clake one was a barnard i know that she used the name barnard for her art work just before she died she wonted to give my dad her house it was a 13 bedroom house in lemmington spar but dad refused as he said he couldnt aford the ground rent

just this information help sorry i can not be much use wasnt very close to my family not uncles and aunt didnt know my granmother ada ellen tanner she married my granfather alfred charlse honniball in 1930 and they had 3 children but in 1940 the oldest one died albert g honniball and the marriage soon broke up my mother never saw or heard form her again untill 1972 when alfred wonted a devoiced he found out that she died in 1953 in lamberth so my mum says but i cannot find them

any way hope to her from again have a great weekend

have lots of fun i have my daughter home i havent seen her for about 2months so i will be busy catching up with her

thanks again hun speak soon

toni 8)

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