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Trying to locate Harry and Aileen Bowden nee Richards

I am trying to trace Harry and Eileen Bowden last residence in 1995 at 54 burnside avenue , Salford. Neighbors don't remember them. I am trying to trace back to find more info. they resided at 13 Reynell Road in 1964 and had 3 children.. two passed away around birth and one survived William Harry Bowden born 1960. Those children are buried in Southern Cemetery.

Aileen, from Dublin Ireland, has a sister Frances who lived with her at 29 Craybridge Street in 1957. I don't know who else she lived with at that address. I do have her other siblings.

It appears Aileen changed her name during her marriage from Eileen to Aileen. She was good friends with my mother. They lived together for a while. I am trying to trace the family to see if they are still alive and maybe have more information on my mother who passed away in 1979.

Thank you in advance for any help.