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Two Nathan Musgraves.


Staff member

My great great great grandfather Thomas Musgrave's brother was Nathan Musgrave born in May 1837 died October 1905. He moved to America in about 1879 and lived in Pennsylvania and Indiana later on. He wed his first wife in 1863 in Northumberland, England and second wife in 1873. In 1900 Thomas and Nathan were living a few hundred miles from each other in Pennsylvania and Indiana. Nathan died in Indiana in 1905.

I was just rummaging through Nathan Musgraves on the FamilySearch pilot site and found a Nathan Musgrave born 1796 in North Carolina. He also lived in Indiana for a while and was there in the 1850 census and died in 1863 in Illinois. He was also of similar age to my 4xgreat uncle Nathan when he died. This Nathan died the same year my Nathan got married so the two Nathan Musgrave's were quite similar.

May have been very distantly related. The 1796 Nathan's Musgrave line originated in Cumberland in the 1600s.