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Two weddings on the same day

Can anyone explain why a couple would get married in two different places, forty miles apart, on the same day?

Fmp has the Banns and marriage (with images) of Francis King and Mary Hastings on 8th December 1792 in River, Kent. It also has a transcription for the same couple, same date, in Rodmersham Kent.

I cannot find anything to link the couple to either place as I can't find a birth/baptism anywhere for Mary although I have a probable baptism for Francis in Dover.

Why the two marriages?


I expect that the Banns were published in two parishes being different residences of the parties. The actual marriage would have taken place in only one or possibly but very rarely a third. Between 1754 and 1813 the register of Marriages used by some parishes also contained the Banns and the forms were very similar in layout. I have seen these Banns mistaken for an actual marriage many times. The only way to confirm which one is correct is to try and look at the original or a photocopy.
Fmp has images of the original page of both the Banns and the marriage. Both are for River in Kent and on the marriage it states that they are both "of the parish". This is why I don't understand the marriage in Rodmersham.

'of the parish' is a confusing term sometimes. It does not mean they actually were from there, it also means they were living there at the time of marriage.

Just yesterday, I found a marriage.......'of the parish', but both parties were born elsewhere, and neither of them from the same parish.

So 3 parishes involved, and still....'of the parish', when they married.:rolleyes:

Also, Parish clerics make errors transcribing records, for the Bishop's transcripts.;)
Yes, I've come across "of the parish" before where it just means that they were living there at the time of the marriage. I have also come across a few useful ones where either the bride or the groom were from a different parish and it gave the name of the parish. In one case it was a parish in a different county which helped pin down a baptism. Not much point in looking for a baptism in Yorkshire when they were born in Durham!

I understand what Robesur said re the Banns being read in two parishes but I cannot find anything to link Francis or Mary to Rodmersham. Francis, I think was born in Dover and River is reasonably close but I cannot find a birth/baptism for Mary Hastings. She died in Durham in 1836 allegedly aged 71 which gives a birth year of circa 1765. The only Mary Hastings I can find born around that time in that part of the country was a baptism in Rodmell, Sussex. I could, at a pinch, understand vaguely how someone could confuse Rodmell and Rodmersham but kent and Sussex?

They may have been born in that parish and working elsewhere ,so going to Church where they live. Also vice versa born outwith parish ,but now working and living in parish.

Edit-I have came across 2 couples with same names marrying in different counties. Different couples.

The one's saying River are through Canterbury Archdeconry, the Rodmersham

is English marriages. I think it took place in Rodmersham.


Edit- When and where was the first child born.
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Buckland near Dover in 1793, name of Edward Charles and all I can find is his baptism, no marriage and no death. Why do you think it took place in Rodmersham when the Banns were read in River?