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I'm searching for my roots from the UK and the bits I have are the following:

William (Wilson) Tyson married to Florence McBride (MacBride) and they moved to South Africa before about 1929.
It is believed that Florence died in Queenstown, South Africa from Tuberculosis and their children, Bobbie (Robert), Sheila, Florence and James were admitted to various foster institutions or orphanages, but baby George was adopted. Mary Halton (Tyson) signed the adoption papers, according to James, who died a few moths ago.
All I could found in public records was that George Tyson was adopted by Bouchers in a Pietermaritzburg (South Africa) court about 1936. The documents mentioned the father as Wilson Tyson and mother as Florence Susanna Tyson.
Before James died as the last known living child, he mentioned to me that his mother was Florence McBride, but he does not know what happened to his father, suspecting that his father had to go back to the UK for unfinished property business, and assumed his father died there. He suspected that his father had the title of "Sir".
James's aunt Mary Halton (Tyson), could have been his father's sister.

My mother Florence Adelaide Tyson (James's sister) only had contact with her sister Sheila (also deceased), never mentioned her other family. Brother Bobby died long ago as a hobo.

I would appreciate info as it is very difficult to obtain info from UK records when trying from South Africa.

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