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UK to Burma - late 1800's early 1900's


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Fort William
Please be patient when reading this as I have to set the background before I ask the question!

My great grandfather, James Gibb was married to Jane Waddell in Rangoon in 1880 ( I have copies of their marraige record) and had four daughters, two of whom were born in Rangoon ( Isabella Gibb in 1881 and Margaret Gibb in 1884), two of his other daughters were born in Polmont, Scotland (Helen in 1882 and Mary in 1886). I know Isabella and Margaret came back to the UK as I have records for their later life.

At some point after Mary's birth the couple split James and Jane having returned to Scotland.

He then met a Jane Younger, and went back to Burma, having my grandad, also James, born there on 27th September 1901. My great grand mother, Jane Younger (known as Gibb but was never married to him as he had never divorced the other Jane!) and my grandad returned to Scotland sometime between 1901 and 1913 but I cant' narrow that down.

My great grandfather, James Gibb died and was buried in Rangoon ( I have copies of his death/burial record), Burma on 8th June 1912.

HERE IS MY PROBLEM: I can find no record of any of them returning to the UK, or indeed any record of any of them going to Burma.

There are many ship journeys that must have been involved in this story and I find it strange that I can not locate ONE ships log for any of them, even those carried out after 1890.

I have posted a query on this site once before and many of you were very helpful, so does anyone know if ships logs for this area exist? What ships took the route? or if not could anyone suggest where I write, or enquire to see if i can get this information?

This whole story has developed from research online about the family, as my own close family never knew that a) my great grandad had not married my grandads mother, or b) that he had infact been married to someone else, and had four girls to them!!!

Families.....who would have them?

All the best

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