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Unable to find anything!

Horham, suffolk
Hi all

For some time I have been trying to trace my maternal grandfathers mother but on everything I look at she never comes up. Its as if she never existed.

Any suggestions as to different ways to try.

Thanks Sarah
Hi Sarah...just post the names/dates you have and the experts will have a gander for you.....dont matter how little info you have it will all help.
Problems with tracing female relatives is that their surname is often changed several times i.e Could your gran have married more than once. Other suggestion is that she was born out of wedlock and adopted her stepfathers surname but not legally. Third suggestion is that her name got misspelt a lot. Fourth suggestion she went abroad for a while and then came back .
Hi Sarah
From the limited info we have, i have found this

Barrington V Hall married Elizabeth A Mortimer - J/S 1972 Samford ref 4b 427

Elizabeth A Mortimer born O/D 1945 Folkstone
Kenneth E Mortimer born J/M 1912 Bosmere ref 4a 1914
married Doris E A Fry - J/M 1944 Ashford ref 2a 2791

Doris E.A Fry, born O/D 1910 Sevenoaks ref 2a 752
Walter Fry to Elizabeth Ann Oliver - A/J 1908 East Ashford ref 2a 1728

Elizabeth Ann Oliver born 1883 Chartham Kent
Richard Oliver born 1859 Ashford, Kent
Ann Elizabeth Hall or Hale born 1862 Blean, Kent
married J/M 1879 Bridge, Kent ref 2a 876

Kenneth E Mortimer
William Mortimer born 1877 Hoxne Suffolk, Butcher
Jessy Sarah Erskine born 1870 St Georges, Hanover Sq
married O/D 1900 Bosmere, Suffolk

Jessy Sarah Erskine
George Erskine born 1840 Kensington, Coachman
Elizabeth Kipps born 1836 Riverhead, Kent
married J/M 1864 St George, Hanover Sq ref 1a 408
Hardy W born 1865 Dorset
George J born 1867 St Georges
Emily B born 1868 St Georges
Elizabeth born 1873 St Georges
Katie born 1878 St Georges

George Erskine
John Erskine born 1891 Ludlow, Salop, Fishmonger
Sarah Linstead born 1801 Norwich
married - 10 Mar 1836 St Marys Westminster

I have all the census details - if you require any, just let me know
A word of caution, it may all be wrong, but in any case will need confirming by certificates, especially the Fry line


Thanks for the information. going through it with mum theres at least some that we can link to other information we already have.

Its intresting to note from my point of view I seem to have Hall's on both sides of the family but not related we always wondered why a bible my mums side of the family had had the name Hall in it now we know why.

I thought I would check the Fry line to see if I could confirm what I thought.

In the latest census Elizabeth Ann Fry nee Oliver was living with her parents and two children Reginald and Doris. Walter was not there.
I did however find a Walter, aged 28, in Chipstead, Sevenoakes, Kent. He is living on his own, a Police Constable but the clincher, he had been married two years. This ties in with the marriage to Elizabeth already posted. In 1901 he is a Railway Signalman, in lodgings in Folkestone. In 1891 he is with parents George Fry 54 Speldhurst, Kent, Railway Signalman and Emma Robinson, nee ----?---- (not found yet) aged 48, and 3 siblings.
1881 George an Emma have 1 child from Georges 1st marriage, 3 from Emma's 1st marriage and 4 of their own children.
George Fry married Emma Robinson Jun 1877 Tunbridge 2a 870
I have not found the marriage of James Robinson to Emma ---?---
Georges first marriage was to Ann Woolyer Sayers ( b 1842 Wiston Sussex) J/S 1861 Sevenoakes ref 2a 585. Ann's mother was Elizabeth b 1819 Sussex.
Georges parents were Edward Fry 1805 Speldhurst and Eliza 1813 Tunbridge.
The interesting thing is that George was a signalman, then a police constable.
His father Edward was a Police Constable, then a railway signalman..
I have not included siblings, occupations and addresses, so as mentioned previously just say if you want details from census records.