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Unable to find ......


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Robin Hood County
Charles Hardingham born 1838, place of birth should either be Redenhall/Harleston or Wortwell Norfolk registration of birth is Depwade. Have him in 1851 with parents James and Sarah. Also brother Robert (born 1833) not found him in 1871/81. His place of birth varies Harleston/Wortwell. I have tried 2 other sites for Robert but still no luck. Robert was in Devon in 1861, his wife Elizabeth who died in 1862, daughter Edith is with her uncle and aunt in Marylebone in 1871.
I have him I think in 1891/1901/1911 and his death in Wandsworth in 1915.

Thanks. :)
There are a couple of deaths one in 1853 district St Faiths, the other 1860 district Blofield. I discounted the 1861 death as there is a Charles Hardingham in Blofield in 1861 his pob is Blofield and age is way out. The death in 1892 isn't him as some trees on Ancestry has him marrying a Annie. This chap came from Reepham in Norfolk.
Can't find him at all Julie. Could he be the 1853 death or is St Faith's not near where he lived. Tried just christian name and different places in Norfolk but not finding any similar in sound or look to Hardingham.


Found these transcribed records:-

Charles Hardingham died in 1853 was age 1
Charles Hardingham died in 1860 was aged 37
Charles Hardingham died in 1861 was aged 87

Glad I didn't send for a certificate :)
A Charles Hardingham married 1852 St Faiths but there is no brides listed. The young Charles who died in 1853 is probably this ones son.

That marriage rules our Charles he would have been to young. A marriage in Norwich 1860 brides listed Harriot Rudd and Charlotte Reeder. Can I find anything no. There is a birth registration for a Harriet Rudd 1839 Depwade.
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Hi Julie

I know it’s a while since you posted this but I hope you are still on this trail.
Charles Hardingham born Redenhall 28/5/1838 – my great(x2) great uncle. I have his baptism entry from Archbishops transcripts Norfolk.
Sorry, I know nothing further about that Charles but have info on his father James and descendants of his brother George my great(x2) grandfather.
I had noticed Edith with George and Rebecca in 1871... until now didn’t know she was the daughter of Robert!
I’ve been looking at Charles’ father James predecessors and I think making progress, would be keen to share if you are interested.
Charlie Hardingham
Hi Charles,

Thanks you for replying. I've not done anything on the Hardinghams for a while. George and Rebecca are my 2 x gt grandparents. If you would like to exchange info we can use the private message system. Once you have made 3 posts your user name will turn green then you will be able to use the private message system. :)
Hi Charles,

I have sent you a private message. Your user name hasnt turned green as it should have after making 3 posts so I dont know if you will be able to view or reply to the pm. I've not found James Hardinghams baptism but if memory serves me right his father is Thomas?
Hi Charles,

Ancestry.com is back online so was able to view my family tree. I got James father wrong I havent any parents for him, Thomas is Sarah's father. Robert Hardingham and wife Elizabeth both died young and daughter Edith didnt make it to her forties she was only 36.
Hi Julie

I haven't been able to get into the ancestry.co.uk website - their website says they had denial of service attacks and are recovering...

My path from George and Rebecca is through Edmund George, Benjamin George and Arthur John.
As well as my siblings Silla and Michael, I am in contact with cousins who come down via Edmund George, Benjamin George and Edmund Peter.

I have James born in Starston in 1803 and married to Sarah Raven. Our family legend has him born earlier but census records are against this. Edmund George wrote to Edmund Peter about James:

EG writes that James died in 1891 when he was 101 years old! So born in 1789 if that's true. Buried at Alburgh, Norfolk. Apparently found fully dressed and dead in the garden at breakfast time....James was a "whitester" or bleacher of home spun linens but with the decline in that trade he became a farm labourer and worked for Daniel Bros Ltd of Bedford St, Norwich raising wheat and barley. The letter says James left the C of E as 1 of 100 people who left after a meeting about absent Rectors at ?Bernhoe Green. Apart from the Rector, James was the only person in the village who could read & write, and he remembers him as "a venerable little man surrounded by a small company in his front garden reading aloud to them the "Lloyds Newspaper". EG visited them in the hamlet of Arboro, travelling by train from Liverpool St via Colchester.

I have theories about James' parents and grandparents, more anon. I will keep trying with ancestry.co.uk


Hi Charles,

What a great insight into James. I know nothing about the Hardinghams only with what I've found through censuses etc. James could well have been 101 as I've other xgt grandparents whose age on the census is about 10yrs out. I've some info on Sarah Raven. I have her parents as Thomas Raven and Mary nee Hithing, siblings Mary, Thomas, Phoebe, Eliza and George. James may have been born All Saints/Alburgh. There is a Charles Hardingham who married in Alburgh in 1835 to a Maria Matthews and wondered he may be a brother to James. I'll see if I can find anything on Charles Hardingham. Ancestry UK is up and running now. :)