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Uncle and Auntie


dovercourt but born Enfield
I was thinking the other day(very painful) that as a kid we seemed to have lots of people around known as 'Uncle' or 'Aunt', never found any of them as relations in my tree. So I assume it was a 'friendly' name for something not quite 'correct' but these days is not done!!

I have a couple of long term friends like 40years and our children always called us uncle & aunt. These children all refer to each other as cousins still today which will confuse their children if they ever get into family history.

And while Im here merry Christmas to every one hope you have a good one.
:biggrin: Glen & Jude :biggrin:
My sons called our neighbours Aunty and Uncle, it was similar to a village/tribal tradition I think, and also for politeness.
Our neighbours helped each other through thick and thin for many years.
Our boys are all in their 40's now, and still occasionally call them Aunty or Uncle. Modern generations don't encourage it.