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Unknown ancestor


New member
Hello. I am a new member and I wonder if anyone can help with advice. I have been researching my husband's family tree for many years (he was adopted) and with the help of Ancestry DNA have now managed to find his birth mother's details and her family. We also now have family photos, none of which have names on. The family, the Pearsons, come from the Tottenham area. We have one photo however that we can't identify and I wonder if there is any way we can find out who he is? I have tried facebook and google to no avail so far and the photo shop in the High Street in Lincoln no longer exists. The photo would have been taken around 1939 and he is in RAF uniform. The photo was taken in LIncoln so I suspect he was posted there in the war. It is a very long shot I know. Are there any ways other than facebook of identifying ancestors?

thank you


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