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Unlinking threads from facebook.

I'll be interested to hear the answer to that one, Steve. If all the threads are going to end up on Facebook then I don't think I'll be posting anymore.
If I wanted to be on Facebook I'd sign up to it.
Me too. Not at all keen to have all mine on Facebook either.

This topic is not formatted correctly for me today.

Hi all,
We understand your concern. But everything on any website, will be on any search engine such as Google, Bing, wiki, ccsearch etc all to name a few.
Likewise our website, including these FHUK community forums are searched by all the search engines.

This is what I posted back to Steve, who contacted me on Facebook
Thanks Steve,
I will repeat what I have said to you via Facebook, as follows:

Ok. I will say that not all posts are put onto Facebook, just the initial post on certain (4 or 5) topic boards, of which they would be able to see (and a lot more!) if they went on to the web site directly.

Plus Google and other search engines will have every thread and post available. This is how the internet / Web works?

Can you PM me on the FHUK community forums about this and maybe I will start a thread to discuss this further if it is such an issue.
** Endquote

There are some FHUK boards posts (Not all and not all of the post) which are automatically posted to our FHUK Facebook page, which has 483 page likes - which mainly are family and friends!
Given this number, I would guess between 75 - 150 approx are FB users not known to us. I know some FB users have come on here and joined - which basically what it is all about - increasing our membership for all concerned.
Virtually all websites, forums, businesses are on Facebook and many other sites
I understand what you are saying re everything on the net being available to all search engines. It was not something I had thought about before. I appreciate that there is nothing I can do about it but that doen't mean I have to like it though. I'm just an old fuddy duddy who's not into social networking!

Unfortunately that's how the Web works links everywhere, with various search engines pulling the information together, then supplying the links, putting paid adverts within the links.

We could, like some other websites and forums have done - to lock out certain parts with access only by members who pay a monthly or yearly fee.
Yes you have to dig a bit deeper to get the answers you want. Rather than think it is all on Google, you have to click into links and then links and you may find parish registers that you never knew was there, or old floorplans of churches and buildings your ancestors lived at/worked at.