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Unnamed male NIQUET


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Qld. Birth 1857/B0252 Niquet Unnamed (M) - John Peter - Ann Eliza Noble

Looking for dob thanks.

I have entered 1856 and 1857 and 1858 as the year and code B and 00252, 0252 and 252 as the # and no result.

Ballarat Old Cemetery
NIQUET WILLIAM HECTOR J* 15MTH 31/03/1858 Area B Section 9 Row 2 Grave 2

Therefore born Dec 1856 ??
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Qld. Bap 1854/BP2832 * Not found ?

That should be Peter Henry NIQUET.

Parents John Peter and Ann Eliza.
1 April 1903 – Death
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/77158431?searchTerm=ann eliza niquet

25 Nov 1893 – Death
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/209800689?searchTerm=ann eliza niquet

Peter Nique marriage 1846 Sydney to Ann E Noble – District IA – 50/ 1846 V184650 84

Tree has 2 x births 1857
Frederick William Nique/Niquet 1857-1894
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/53691896?searchTerm=frederick niquet

William Nique 1857 – 1858
Peter Henry Niquet – May 1944
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/78162817?searchTerm=peter niquet

Peter Henry Niquet married 4 Dec 1901 Mt Gambier SA to Katharina Dorothea Christine Ruwe – page 817 vol 209
Dorothy died 4 March 1934 Mt Gambier Hospital – page 991 vol 556
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/47547440?searchTerm=dorothy niquet
Thanks Val.

Very curious. I actually don't have Frederick Wm in my tree. But he is not the eldest ??

Bap 1854/BBP2700 Niquet Charles Alexander Wesley John Peter Ann Eliza - * 20 Sep 1850

Vic. Death 8856/1940 NIQUET Chas Wesley 89 John Peter Unk NOBLE d. Middle Park, Vic.

I must explain the old Qld. BP and BBP records. They are church baptisms and all were given the year 1854 in the index although the true year could be anything up to 1859.

They have been removed from the index so no search can now be done.

The eldest son.
Reg 1854/BBP2327 Nique John Peter Samuel - Peter - Sophia -
Bap V18415125 47/1841 NIGUE JOHN P S - PETER - SOPHIA

Presbyterian Baptisms solemnized by the German Missionaries at Zionshill Moreton Bay
No. 12 When Baptised: 26 June 41 When Born: 12 June 41 John Peter Samuel - Peter & Sophia Nique Abode: Zionshill Moreton Bay Quality or Profession: Lay Missionary By whom the Ceremony was performed: Revd. W. Schmidt
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Peter Henry b. 18 Jun 1854

NIQUET Peter Henry
Date: 1944-05-01
Age: 89y
Status: W
Relative 2:
Residence: Largs Bay
Death Place: Adelaide
District: Adelaide
Symbol: H= Hospital or similar
Book 675 p.1680
I've emailed Qld. BMD and they said 10 days for a reply.

Frederick William Niguet
Death date:12/06/1894
Mother's name:Ann Eliza Niguet
Father/parent's name:John Peter Niguet
Registration details:1894/C/3398
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The children I have with just first name listed here:
John 12 Jun 1841
Louisa 21 May 1843
Ann 14 Feb 1847
Charles 20 Sep 1850
Theo 2 Jan 1852
Johanna abt 1853
Peter 18 Jun 1854
William 19 Dec 1856
Augusta 26 Oct 1858
Emma 1860
James 1861
Olivia 1862
Eleanor 1864

A spot for Frederick W?
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Burial V1845250 102/1845 NIQUE MARIA S AGE 32

Presbyterian Burials in the Parish of - in the County of -
Maria Sophia Nique Abode: Moreton Bay Brd in Sydney When Buried: 25th Sept. Died: 24th Sept. 1845 Age: 32 Ship's Name: Free Immigrant Quality or Profession: Missionary's Wife By whom the Ceremony was performed: K. W. Schmidt, Minst.
A longer obituary.


If Frederick is the eldest then there is no baptism record in NSW or Qld. index.

Age at death ?

The Brisbane Courier (Qld.) - Wed 13 Jun 1894 p.4
NIQUET.—On the 12th June, at Sandgate, Frederick W. Niquet, eldest son of Rev. John P. Niquet of Adelaide, South Australia (formerly of Nundah), aged 46 years.
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NSW index 1847 - 1849 for fred* ni*