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Unreadable occupation - 1845

Hi everyone,
In looking at the occupation of my fourth great grandfather on the marriage registration of my third great grandmother, I've been unable to figure out what it says. I've looked at several sites that have lists of occupations, I've looked at other entries that the registrar that recorded the entry recorded to see if I could decipher his writing but I've not had any success. Does anyone think they can read it? "Card.....?" If anyone wants to look at the registration in it's entirety, its the marriage of William Brown and Eliza Rook in the London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921: 27 Oct 1845, St George in the East, England. Occupation of James Rook?

I'd be very grateful for any input.
Cheers, Georgie

James Rook occupation.JPG

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