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Uploading gedcoms

Just enjoyed the free weekend on FMP thanks to a heads-up on here. I uploaded what I already had in Gedcom format as a base for the FMP research. After adding some sources & people to my tree I downloaded a gedcom which I used to update my Legacy8 master database.

Now I would like to update what I have in Ancestry but I have only been able to upload the gedcom as a new tree & cannot see how to merge the two trees. Any ideas guys, please?
You can add people individually from one tree to another on Ancestry. If you go to the tree which has the new person on it, go to tools and click on save to tree, then it gives you the option of which tree to save it to if you have more than one tree.
If you have duplicate people there is an option to merge those too.

Hope this helps

Thanks, Ladybird. I knew about the merge option - Ancestry quite often seems to turn updates into duplicates by not recognising that the person already exists! But the add person is new to me, I shall check that out. O0

I was rather hoping to merge whole files in the same way that Legacy8 does as that saves me having to identify individual persons that have been updated elsewhere. Oh well, so it goes. I shall have to spend time identifying differences & uploading. Unfortunately, at my age my memory is not as good as it used to be & I have to rely on the data entries rather too much.

I did consider just using the uploaded file, but I think that would have meant losing all the source links from the earlier work. It would all be a lot simpler if it hadn't been privatised!

Databases simply don't work well in a competitive environment, you need just one, with access by everyone. If the records office had been managed properly & encouraged then the profits could have been used to reduce taxes or improve services.