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Very Confused


Staff member
I have a tree which was drawn during the 19th century, which was very helpful to find the Thomas side of my family in Wraysbury Buckinghamshire. I was wondering if anyone had access to these records??
On my tree someone had given the names or surnames of the spouses of my 4 x g grandfather William Thomas (d 24/12/1824) children. All have checked out correctly except his youngest dughter Mary b 1810. All the family were very well educated and William himself was described as a gentleman in his will.
On this tree, Mary is married to Dowling, no first name, but I found a marriage to a David Dowling in 1869.

The marriage of Mary Thomas to David Dowling:

Name: David Dowling
Spouse: Mary Thomas
Record Type: Marriage
Event Date: 23 Aug 1869
Parish: St Nicholas, Deptford
Borough: Greenwich
Father Name: Thomas Dowling
Register Type: Parish Register

The connection with Greenwich was my 3 x g grandfather William Thomas b 1800 moved there during the 1840's
The problem with this marriage is, Mary is a widow, with a surname of Thomas and her father is William Shadwell.
This is where I am confused because Mary's mother was Jane Shadwell b 1772 and her grandfather was William Shadwell b abt 1850. There is no mention of the name Style.
Other people have Mary married to a Henry Style in 1836, I have no evidence of the marriage.

Did she ever marry Henry?? and Thomas should be her maiden name not Shadwell, anyone any good with mysteries???

Many Thanks

I've not sorted this but a few thoughts :-

In 1841 and 51 there was a Henry and Mary Style in Burnham, Bucks, both born Wraysbury, 1793 and 1811 respectively. He was a grocer 1841 and a clerk to an iron founder 1851. They had children Henry Thomas Style 1832, Mary 1833 and Clara Maria 1835. I have not found a marriage for them, Henry was a lot older than Mary, perhaps he was already married?

In 1861 Henry (senior) was living in lodgings in Burnham without his family but recorded as married. he died in Jan 1870 and administration was granted to his son Henry Thomas Style.

Perhaps this is why the details on the 1869 marriage to David Downing are so mixed up - Mary's husband was still alive ? Or maybe she had never actually married Henry and did not need to give the name Style ?

The Mary Dowling with husband David in Greenwich in 1871 was indeed from Wraysbury (spelt a bit wrong in the census) so does seem to be the right one.

Sorry I can't do more.
Hi Elaine,

Yes the information you found matches what I have, and I was wondering if the marriage hadn't taken place, I will know more about that if the Parish records become available.
I just found it strange that Mary would put her grandfather as her father, but I suppose if she hadn't married Henry she would need to do something. It just occurred to me, she married David Dowling before Henry died, I wonder if they were together in 1861??
Wyardisbury is an earlier form of writing Wraysbury, if you put either in the browser it usually comes up :)

Thank you for looking, I think you may be right :)

I too had wondered whether Mary was with David Dowling in 1861 but he was an in-patient at the Greenwich hospital (like a Chelsea pensioner but for men who had been in the navy). Still haven't found Mary in that census.