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Victorian Conflicts

Hoping someone can assist me with a couple of question about British military info in the Victorian conflicts. I have a family member who I know was in Afghanistan (Kyber pass) in 1878-1881. I have recently come across another military document that raises a few questions for me.
The online document is titled, 'Canada, British army regimental rolls of non-commissioned officers and soldiers, 1806-1892' and (Volume 7-9) 48th Foot, 17th Foot 1st Battn .
The document lists his personal, enlistment and discharge info. I have no issue with most of this, it has that he was born in Birmingham Warwickshire, correct. The military location / enlistment location is given as Nottingham??. And his location is Canada.?? He enlisted in 1875 and was discharged in 1881 when he left Afghanistan. I believe he was with the 17th - Leicester while in Afghan.
My questions are:
1. I have looked through the dates of when British soldiers were in Canada, and most had left by 1875. I can find no records or the 48th (Northampton) or 17th being there at this time. Why would they have been there, when most had left Canada? And where would I find records? I've looked around but can't see anything that seems remotely close.
2. Why would someone who lives in Birmingham enlist in Nottingham, then they seem to be in the Leicester regiment?
3. How/where can I find what he did between 75 in Canada and 78 in Afghan?
Any assistance greatly appreciated.
True Blue Aussie

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