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VIDLER family


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NSW Bap V1840523 54/1840 VIDLER JOHN - WILLIAM - HARRIET - IA= Wesleyan Methodist Sydney

Certificates of Baptisms solemnized by the Wesleyan Ministers, Sydney
No. 307 When Baptised: 4th ? Jany. 1843 When Born: 12th April 1840 John - William & Harriet Vidler Abode: Dapto Illawarra Quality or Profession: Farmer By whom the Ceremony was performed:
D. J. Draper

A James Vidler born abt 1804 Kent - parents William and Mary could be a brother of the William who married Harriet.
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William Vidler
Spouse's Name Harriet Waters
Marriage 10 Sep 1820
Event Place (Original) Sandhurst (near Etchingham), Kent, England
Microfilm Number 1835667
Batch I040317
NSW Marriage 1946/1858 VIDLER WILLIAM - RUMBLE HANNAH - KIAMA * 20 Oct 1858 * probably Wesleyan * parents James and Hannah

NSW Marriage 1958/1861 VIDLER JOHN - RUMBLE JANE - KIAMA * 5 Jul 1861 * probably Wesleyan - parents William & Harriet

Possibly first cousins married sisters.

James Vidler & Hannah Bovies
m. 11 May 1825 Kent, England
FHL Film 1835667 Reference ID: 35
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William Vitler
Christening 20 April 1799
Sandhurst, Kent, England, United Kingdom
Parents William Vitler, Mary Copper

John Vitler
Christening 25 October 1801
Sandhurst, Kent, England, United Kingdom
Parents William Vitler, Mary Copper

James Vitler
Christening 23 October 1803
Sandhurst, Kent, England, United Kingdom
Parents William Vitler, Mary Copper

Microfilm Number 1737005
Batch I077019
William Vitler
Spouse's Name Mary Copper
Marriage 29 Dec 1796
Event Place Sandhurst, Kent, England
Source Details it 4
Microfilm Number 1737005
Batch I071391
Death in NSW for Mary nee Copper/ Cogger ??

Something is not right. There is no marriage in NSW index for William to Mary. So, did Mary nee Copper die in England after 1803 and did William remarry in England before he left for NSW in 1838 ?

Vidler William 22 May 1856 78? son/Thomas & Mary; b. Battle, Sussex, England; h/Mary (Copper) & Mary (Maynard) Jamberoo General NSW Utg

Vidler (Maynard) Mary 6 Jul 1862 63 formerly Smith; dau/James & Martha (Blanch); b. Rolvenden, Kent, England; w/John (Smith) & William Jamberoo General NSW Unknown

James Vidler
Age: 34 [Labourer Wes R&W]
Residence Place: Sandhurst, Kent
Father: William Vidler [on ship]
Mother: Mary Vidler
Spouse: Hannah Vidler
[Farmwork Wes 33 nil]
Spouse's Residence Place: Hawkhurst, Sussex
Spouse's Father: Thomas Bovis [Labourer]
Spouse's Mother: Ann Bovis
Arrival: 6 Nov 1838 NSW
Ship: 'Maitland'
Volume: 8
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William Vidler
Spouse's Name Mary Smith
Marriage 16 Jan 1832
Event Place (Original) Sandhurst (near Etchingham), Kent, England
Source Details 51
Microfilm Number 1835667
Batch I040317
Harriet c. 25 Jun 1797 Maidstone, Kent, England
William WATERS & Sarah
Batch C042599 Microfilm 1736877

Harriet Vidler died NSW 26 Dec 1881 ?? Not in NSW index.


... natives of the land of Kent, and named Vidler. William, the eldest of these, died about four o'clock in the afternoon of Christmas Day ; and from twenty-four to thirty hours afterwards his wife, Harriet, breathed her last. ... afternoons of Monday and of Tuesday following Christmas-day, ...
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In late 1816 or early 1817 the family moved back to Sandhurst, where they remained until 1838. Mary died at Sandhurst in 1829 and was buried there on the 29 September 1829.
Mary Vidler buried 27 September 1829 in Sandhurst aged 51

William Vidler widower married Mary Smith widow 16 January 1832 in Sandhurst
Thanks emeltee.

NSW Death 6839/1892 VIDLER JOHN - WILLIAM - UNKNOWN - KIAMA * 17 Apr 1892

Vidler John 19 Sep 1801 17 Apr 1892 91 son/William & Mary (Copper); b. Sandhurst, Kent, England; h/Harriet (Rousley) & Mercy (Eilden) Jamberoo Uniting NSW 5
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Vidler (Bovis) Hannah 30 May 1805 25 Oct 1892 87 b. England; w/James Jamberoo Uniting NSW No headstone

No parents there. Dates different.

NSW Death 7617/1893 VIDLER HANNAH - UNKNOWN UNKNOWN - KIAMA * 26 Oct 1892
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Thomas Buffis
Spouse's Name Ann Carter
Marriage 15 Oct 1799
Event Place Burwash, Sussex, England
Microfilm Number 1067139
Batch M148004
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Hurst House, Etchingham
Thomas Bovil(sic) 72 Ag Lab Salehurst
Ann Bovil wife 80 Etchingham

Old Workhouse, Etchingham
Thomas Bovis Boarder Widower 90 Ag Lab Salehurst

Boarding with the Cheesmer family.