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Violet Galloway

Hi all,

Violet Toomer was born in 1905, Wandsworth, London and she married George Galloway in 1925. Her husband passed away in 1967 however, cannot find a death listed for Violet.

She sadly ended up as a bag lady on the streets in the early 1960's and it is believed that she went into Epsom Mental Hospital round about 1963. After that she can't be traced.

Can anyone help at all? :)


Hi Christine,

I've had a look from 1963-1971 didnt spot anything. Could it be possible
that her name may have been unknown if she was a bag lady?
Will have a look from 1972 onwards.
No probs...notice that the hospital is still open so if it could even be worth a phone call and speak directly to the hospital....ile leave you to crack on now..i tend to confuse people!
Hi Lee,

Yes it might be worth contacting the hospital to find out when Violet was there however, she is my Nan's cousin and they may not give out this information to me.

However, I have been in touch with her Grandson's wife and the hospital would probably give her information if she was to ring them. I believe that she has previously written to the hospital a few times but have never received a reply.

It is possible that Violet was discharged and went back on the streets and therefore, as you say they may not have known her name if she passed away while living as a homeless person. Very sad if that is the case.

Thanks for your help.

Been working away....indeed it is a sad story,often when i drive around our cities while working i see these unfortuanate persons....and often want to know there life storys and how they ended up on our streets...regards Lee.