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vote of thanks-please read

Colne Lancs
It struck me today, as I was reading one or two threads, just how time consuming and difficult it must be to have this site operate as well as it does.
I realise of course that we, the contributors play a part in this, but I wonder if any of us really realise just how much time, effort and dedication goes into producing this wonderful site.
I would like to offer a very sincere and heartfelt vote of thanks to Dave admin and all the moderators who do so much to make this site such a pleasure to visit and revisit.
I would urge all my fellow contributors to add to this thread ,to second as it were ,these sentiments. You need not be long winded if you choose not to be, the fact that you take the trouble to ackowledge the thread will be testiment to your views, or you may wish to express a particular story that reinforces my view. The choice is yours but please do support this thread
Thanks team- you do a great job
I really have to agree entirely with the comments made by patrickw and add my sincere thanks to the team and the job they do!

It's so easy to assume FHUK runs itself,but it doesn't and such an interesting and successful site is in no small part a reflection on those producing it.

Well done

I will also whole heartedly agree, I have been a member of this forum for awhile now and have spent many of hours here and know that it was no small task for them to have put this together and to keep it going so well for so long. So my hat is off to all of you. Great Job!!!!!:)
I would like to add my thanks too! There are many sites for researching family trees, but this is the most personal and fun site! Thank you for all your hard work - it is much appreciated, even if we don't say it very often, we mean it!

May I thank everyone who has posted, particularly Patrick.:)

But (and its a big but), the FHUK Community site would not be as popular as it is, without our fellow members, visitors and the great bunch of regulars and of course the moderator team - may I thank them all!

The FHUK Community site came about some years ago, when I was frustrated at the available information on the web - everybody was just rushing around looking for their own family links (collecting names), with some of us trying to help some of them on the way! There was only a few resources to help gain knowledge and guidance. Now genealogy data seems to be everywhere!

The site is specifically for the genealogist / family history person - with our motto being:
Help us to help you to help each other

We have since then had over 6 million visitors!

If I could ask, that when you see any sites asking for links or want suggestions, or anyone needs help (friends, family etc) - please recommend us and promote us here at

Thanks to everyone
May I second everything that our Admin has said, I have made a lot of friends on FHUK and it's a very humbling experience to know that you are all out there willing to help us and each other, in a lot of my welcomes to new members I describe us as one big family and this seniment comes from the bottom of my heart. I am very proud to be a moderator on such a well organised and friendly site and long may it continue to grow
Best regards to you all STERICO SUPER MODERATORO0